Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U/S appt

Today was big appointment for me. There are three big U/S check-ups during the pregnancy here in Germany and today at 10 weeks 1 day (or so I thought;) was one of them.

It was AMAZING. I wish I had thought to make a video with my cell phone because it was just so cool to see our little baby moving all around, waving, kicking its cute little feet,and you know- not looking like a blob:D

Baby is doing great and I got good news- I'm actually farther along then I thought. My new due date is March 18th! That means I hit 11 weeks tomorrow. Woo hoo!

Here are the two pics she printed out for us-sorry that they aren't the best ones. Just imagine the cutest little baby ever and that is what the U/S looked like in person:D :D

I also got medication for my acid/indigestion problem, and iron pills since I am low on iron. Hopefully these will help with my energy as well!


  1. Awesome :) I love the hand waving!

  2. ahhh i love u/s pics!! can't wait to have my own some day! :)

  3. I was due to show up on March 18th! Maybe you should consider the name 'Stephanie'? j/k

    Good things are going well. Stay healthy :)

  4. Aww!! What a cute little gummie!! ;-) Hooray for almost 11 wks!!

  5. AWWWWW....such a little peanut! :)