Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coke, Coffee, Subway, and Hot Dogs

These are all things I have consumed in the past week. Clearly I am not to strict when it comes to food rules- although to be honest I have strong doubts when it comes to some of the things doctors suggest in the States. I feel like they think pregnant women are to stupid to do anything in moderation so they just forbid it to make things easier for themselves.

Case in point- caffeine: All studies have only shown a risk if you consume medium to high amounts of caffeine- there is absolutely no affect on the baby if you consume small amounts. So one cup of coffee a day is just fine, a coke is also OK but there is a ton of sugar in them which is of course just plain unhealthy. Doctors here say caffeine is fine in small amounts and I am glad that I can still enjoy the occasional cappuccino.

The lunchmeat thing- Now the big danger here is listeriosis which is incredibly dangerous to a pregnant woman. At the same time the current amount of cases in Germany per year are incredibly low- about 200. I guess I would never start eating lunch meat every day just to see what my chances are but I also won't feel bad about eating Subway once a month. I also read that salami and salted meats are a bit safer, which works in my favor since they are personal favorites of mine.

I don't like cold hot dogs or "bratwurst" so I am always heating them up anyway thus negating the terrible, terrible danger lurking behind the colorful packaging of wieners and franks.

Sushi and fish- Do Japanese pregnant women stop eating sushi and fish? I would really like to know because I think cutting down on fish and tuna sucks. I normally only eat sushi about once or twice a year so I will probably keep up with that crazy high number even during pregnancy but I have to admit that I have been avoiding fish and I am not sure why. Can someone tell me why fish should only be consumed seldomly? As of right now I am eating salmon or tuna about once every 2 weeks but I would love to start eating it every week again...

Sometimes I think I am an awful pregnant woman especially when my most recent meal is doritos but then I remember the chicken pesto with a homemade tomato sauce and linguine that I made for lunch and the fact that I am walking or working out almost every day,and think, "hey- maybe I am just a normal pregnant woman who likes tasty food":D


  1. I'm with you! I have had a number of "off limits" items this pgy and I think sometimes American docs go a little overboard on what you can and can't have. I've had a little caffeine, a hot dog here and there, lunchmeat, wine, etc... I'm pretty sure Olive won't be worse for the wear either ;-)

    I say enjoy things in moderation!!

  2. the reason you shouldn't be consuming fish is because they bioaccumulate certain minerals and especially mercury which, of course, isn't good for us or babies. There are certain fish which are safer and there are lists out there (I don't eat cooked fish so I don't know off the top of my head) but I do know that albacore tuna is one of the ones they say to limit for both pregnant women and children up to age 3 or 5.

    I do agree though that the US is overprotective of everything (hello germs?) but there are certain ones that make sense (children shouldn't eat canned tuna often, either, for the same reason). We were actually debating the other day about alcohol and pregnant women. There is no strong scientific evidence that indicates that drinking small quantities of alcohol while pregnant negatively impacts the baby but it's as you say, doctors are afraid that if they say you can have a glass a week somehow people will say "well if a glass a week is okay then a glass a day will be fine", etc.

    Here are a few articles from various sources re: pregnant women and fish (I'm an academic, what do you expect?! :-P)





  3. OK so it sounds like the mercury issue isn't just made up- damn it:D Although how many of us used to have tuna sandwiches as young children... I will keep limiting it to once a week or less but I think I still am not ready to give it up.