Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Some of you have asked for recipes for food that I have made and I thought I would let you in on my little secret.

Now I cook pretty much everything from scratch, and focus on healthy fresh ingredients, and while I don't want to offend anyone a lot of the recipes on allrecipes are disgustingly unhealthy.

There are recipes filled with so much fat, butter, and processed products that I can't imagine feeding it to myself let alone a child BUT there is just such a huge amount of recipes, all with reader reviews that you can't go wrong. I also have no problem cutting ingredients or switching them out for healthier alternatives when needed.

There are many meals where I don't need a recipe, or I have a great cookbook, but some things I am unsure about it and allrecipes is the perfect starting spot.

For example I have gotten an AMAZING chili recipe from the site, one which features coffee and beer- two ingredients that really add to chili but which I never would have thought to use on my own. I also found a great beer cheese soup recipe which reminded me of home in the Midwest, same goes for a yummy ceaser dressing recipe that included the anchovies, and tasted amazing. With a little searching you can find a good recipe for almost anything- although I do find it to be somewhat lacking when it comes to ethnic dishes, but I have other sources for those anyways.

So I encourage everyone to check it out. Don't get overwhelmed though, there is so much great stuff on the site that it can become addicting:)

Oh and the best part- it is all free!


  1. I'm an addict to allrecipes. They don't have a ton of vegan recipes, but I can usually leave out an ingredient or sub something in. Most things have been FANTASTIC! ;-)

  2. Pretty much every single recipe that I get is from all recipes... :-)

  3. There's hardly any room in my apartment for cooking, but if you're willing to take on a random boarder and/or nanny, I'd gladly test out your recipes...ya know just for an extra opinion?

    Of course I'm kidding. It's very rare I get a home cooked meal :(