Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bad Mommy Confession #2

There are a ton of posts which I have started and need to finish- like the book review for Positive Discipline the First Three Years, but I never seem to have more then a few minutes on the computer lately and those posts need more time then that.

I want to update my blog more regularly though so I thought I would add a nice new Bad Mommy Confession.

You know that kid at the playground? The one with snot hanging from his nose, an untied shoe, dirt everywhere, and just a general look of uncleanliness.
That is totally my kid.

Which is awesome because before I had a child....(you know nothing good is coming when you hear the phrase "before I had kids") I was totally that person who was really grossed out by snot and very dirty children.

This is why I of course had a child who zones in on anything which can get him dirty in a new place, who constantly throws all of his food on the floor (seriously this is driving me batty, does anyone have any tips? We let him do some snacks on the floor but the floor can't handle much more of his abuse), and who has some sort of allergy which causes him to constantly have a runny, snotty nose which can't possibly be wiped clean.

I do try and wipe his face off but the kid hates it and I already have to do enough wrestling with him during diaper changes. So normally there is a nice layer of dried food (peanut butter is one of his favs), sand- thanks good weather!, and snot all over most of his face and clothes. I mean today he was pouring sand over himself like a shower, how am I supposed to combat that??

So instead of fighting it, I have accepted it. I enjoy the twenty minutes before breakfast where he looks clean and adorable and then the rest of the day I just look on in sweet acceptance as he gets incredibly dirty. Sometimes I even wipe his snotty face with my bare hands... I know in my head that that must be incredibly disgusting but for some reason it doesn't bother me at all. It also doesn't bother me when he wipes his dirty little face all over my clothes- because for some reason my clothes are much much better then any tissue. I love my son for the cute little man he is and have now become that parent who doesn't care that her child looks slovenly.

So sorry to everyone who has to look at my snotty, dirty child. I'm hoping he'll grow out of it in the next 10 years.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Teddy is one! .... for like 2 weeks now LOL

Teddy is one!
It's glorious the way he has started to stand on two feet holding on to nothing- well actually normally holding on to something he wants, I don't think he realizes standing while not holding a toy would probably be easier. He also has begun taking steps, well actually in typical Teddy fashion he started running. He ran from my husband to me at bedtime (a few steps away), and since that first time takes a few moments of every day to try it out again. He normally falls down after the first step or two but he is thisclose!!! to really walking.
He is into everything, everyone always comments on the fact that he has no fear and will try to get to anything. Even if that means climbing up a chair to get there! Unfortunately this trait is less amusing at other people's houses but we are working on it.
He is clingy! The same thing happened before he learned to crawl so I at least know the why and that it will be over soon but sometimes I just can't lug all 26 pounds of him and the groceries and the diaper bag up the stairs. Thankfully he has started enjoying climbing up the stairs. He reminds me of a little mountain climber, holding onto the railing and pulling himself up to the next step. Even though he is 2.6 feet tall he still has to put his foot to basically waist height to pull himself up to the next step.
He is not eating much, but open to lots of new tastes. His favorites are always changing but right now they are goat cheese and pesto pasta salad. He can chew anything but we are happy that his 2nd set of teeth are coming in on top. He is completely weaned from mama- at the end I don't think I could have forced him to nurse even if he had been dying of thirst so it was very easy for us. He now drinks about 400-600mL of whole milk everyday which I will probably keep up for at least the coming year.
He LOVES the playground. He gets this crazy smile on his face going down the slide, or swinging with me, the sandbox is also cool although the sand is mainly just thrown out in a very serious manner. Storytime on the other hand is apparently the lamest thing ever, he can't be bothered to sit with me for more then 2 seconds in which time he slams the book shut. As an avid reader I haven't given up I just read to him while he crawls around and sometimes away.

He literally never stops moving. Sitting and playing with a toy for more then 30 seconds happens once in a blue moon, although it is most likely to happen in front of a box of blocks or du.plos as throwing things out and then putting some back in is apparently very intense serious stuff which can't be hurried.

Diaper changes are probably the hardest part of our day now which I never ever would have believed four months ago. But alas the baby who once loved to chillax on the changing table now thinks laying on his back for even a millisecond is the worst thing ever. We've adapted and do lots of things while he stands or moves around but sometimes, like now when he has a bad case of diarrhea, this just isn't possible and then it is a battle of strength. A battle which I just barely manage to win.
Sleep is still going great. He still needs two naps and is doing a 3ish hour wake time in the morning before the first one and a 3-4 hour wake time before the second depending on how long the nap goes. Naps normally last between 1-2 hours for him although never less then 45 minutes and never more then about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Bedtime is 6:30 although we have been trying out 7pm to see if we can get his morning wake time pushed up to 7 am but so far it hasn't worked and he has continued to get up at 6 or 6:30 every day. He doesn't wake up in the night unless he is sick and even then he rarely does, which we love!
Theodor has left babyhood behind and now is becoming his own person with his own will. Exciting!!!! but also overwhelming especially as I just wasn't sure how to parent this age. I knew there was a LOT that I couldn't expect of a one year old but I also knew that just letting him do everything was not the answer. I purchased and read the book "Positive Discipline, The First Three Years" and could not be happier!!! I feel so empowered and now instead of being a bit nervous about parenting a strong willed toddler in the coming years I am excited. There is way too much good stuff to talk about from the book so I will save that for another post.
It hasn't only been Theodor's first year of life, it has also been my first year of motherhood. What an amazing experience to go through and one that I feel so blessed to be able to experience. The beginning was SO much more difficult then I ever could have imagined. I don't even know how I got through it to be honest but as things settled down I really came to enjoy taking care of Teddy full time. Every night I go to bed filling fulfilled and happy and every morning I wake up excited to spend time with Teddy and of course a little tired- I don't think I will ever get used to waking up before 7am!! Even though our days aren't exciting I find doing the little things like grocery shopping with him or folding the laundry can be a lot of fun or in some cases drive me up the wall as he throws a stack of folded laundry to the ground but I still enjoy it. I also love watching him learn new things as we go to more exciting places as he gets older like the zoo and the playground. Right now watching him full time is such a perfect fit for both of us and I feel so lucky that I am able to do it.