Friday, September 30, 2011


We had a terrible summer here in northern Germany full of lots and lots of rain and cold weather. However we now have been graced with beautiful weather in the 70s with not a cloud in sight and Teddy and I have been enjoying it completely. However I have also managed to stay caught up with the new fall season of TV and like most years I have been pretty underwhelmed. I don't enjoy most of the medical procedural type shows, nor do I like most sitcoms. The shows I gave a chance were;

2 Broke Girls: meh, I was already walking away doing things in other rooms by episode 2.
The New Girl: I like Zoey but do not think they have enough of a concept for a show. I didn't really enjoy the first episode much and won't be turning in for the second.
Ringer: I wanted to love this, it has Sarah Michelle Gellar and an interesting fun mix of drama/soap/intrigue but it is SO incredibly bland that I can't imagine that it will even last out the season.
Person of Interest: Another one I really wanted to like but after 2 episodes it just still isn't working for me. I don't think the partnership between the 2 main guys really works, although I find the action scenes pretty good.
Charlie's Angels: Turned it off after 2 minutes, enough said.
Revenge: I wasn't even going to give this one a try but it is turning out to be everything Ringer should be and a great guilty pleasure.
Up All Night: Fun, sometimes almost too embarrassing to watch but a great addition to Modern Family.
Terra Nova: I loved this, a nice fun family show with some great action, interesting plot lines, and a little bonus for me a bi-racial couple which I always love to see.
Hart of Dixie: I'm a sucker for shows like this, the first episode was a little hokey but I will watch a few more times before deciding whether I really like it or not.
I'm still looking forward to Grimm and Once Upon A Time more so Grimm because it looks a bit darker but it seems cable will stay my home for my favorite shows; Justified, Psych, Suits, Portlandia.
Although my ultimate guilty pleasure isn't found on cable- I will admit here that I love Supernatural. I used to make jokes about it until I watched a few episodes and fell in love with Sam and Dean. It has everything I love; sci- fi, action, humor, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and the actors are pretty cute too.
So what is your TV guilty pleasure? What new shows are you watching this season?

Monday, September 5, 2011


I've said it before, and I guess I am going to say it again. Toddlerhood is awesome. Seriously.

The changes that are happening every week are mind blowing to me. Things like trying to jump, doing stairs without holding onto things, or trying to pull on his own socks, may not sound like much but when you compare that to just a few months ago when he couldn't even walk it is huge.

Verbally he is still only talking in his magical baby Teddy language. But you can see the little gears in his head turning as he "converses" with us. Plus he now is able to follow short instructions... if he feels like it ;)

The baby months weren't exactly my thing, although I am excited to do it all again. But now I feel like I only see oppurtunities. He can do so much now and the list of things we can do together just keeps expanding.

We're having a lot of fun and life is good. I hope to soon start posting more once a few things become more settled.