Friday, August 7, 2009


You're pregnant? Wow. Congrats.



I love planning so of course even before we were TTC I had a spreadsheet with names I liked. I even went through a baby book with 40,000 names and highlighted all the ones I thought were nice or interesting and then added them to my spreadsheet. (Not in one day of course).

But I don't get to pick the name---- "we" get to pick the name. We are both strong willed and have very clear ideas when it comes to what we like in names. Thankfully we both tend to like some things; unique, not popular, but not made up by us, etc. and we have agreed on the right to veto. If the other person doesn't like a name -for whatever reason- then it can't be used. It's as simple as that.

However this still leads to long conversations where a list containing over 50 names will be shot down.

We are planning on just waiting until we find out the sex before discussing it further but I have to admit that even though I know it will be hard, I am really looking forward to picking out a name.Plus it is probably good that I have the hubby around to keep me from going a bit too gung ho and naming the child something like Atlas- yep I actually considered the name of the Greek god who carried the earth on his shoulders :D

I highly recommend this site, for anyone searching for names. It takes into account names that you like and suggests other names which you might like. Her other site, baby name wizard is also good for looking up the stats on a name.


  1. lol.
    I'm not even trying to have a baby and me and big man already have the first and middle names picked out.

  2. I stand quite firm on the names I've already picked out...I just wonder how things will go over when I actually do have a baby with someone and inform them I've already picked our child's name. HA!