Thursday, January 28, 2010

33 weeks

and still feeling great :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm sick with a cold and feeling a bit miserable- thankfully the hubby comes home tomorrow so that I can complain to someone LOL but instead of writing about that I thought I would bring up something that is probably a whole lot more interesting to everyone.

When I said I didn't care if it was a boy or girl....

I totally lied.

I really, really, really wanted a boy this time around. I just felt that I am supposed to be the mom to at least one son and really wanted a boy not only for me but also for my husband. I was secretly nervous at our big reveal appointment and when she said it was a girl I was a bit disappointed. Then our little guy changed positions and it was clear he was a boy, as further ultrasounds showed us in even more detail, and I will admit I was completely psyched.

Now I should mention that we would like three or four children and if one of them isn't a girl we will be adopting a girl because I absolutely can not imagine not having the experience of having a daughter. I need a daughter. My mom is a single parent and our bond means so much to me. Sure she drives me crazy half the time but she is also the most amazing person I know and a complete role model to me. So it isn't as though I can't imagine myself as a parent to a girl or that I don't want a girl.

It is just that this go around I really wanted a boy for some reason, and I have to admit I am not completely sure why. I think partially because I think it will be good for me. I am a girly girl who grew up with little male influence as I had no father figure in my life and no siblings. I get along great with guys and have a lot of male friends but I think having and trying to relate to a son will be a really wonderful experience for me. Not in a stereotypical way mind you- I never subscribed to the girls play with dolls/ boys play with trucks mentality but more in a getting to be a part of raising a little boy to adulthood and watching him turn into a young man with the help of my amazing husband.

So now it is out. I probably wouldn't share this tidbit at a family gathering but I don't think I am too ashamed. In fact I will even let it be known now that next time I will probably be doing everything in my power (which is admittedly and thankfully not much) to have a girl. I mean really who doesn't want at least one of each ? :D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

32 Weeks

I had a bit of a scare yesterday and today. I had very little brown spotting both mornings when I woke up. Now normally this wouldn't give me pause but the hubby is out of town this week so I wasn't really sure what could have caused it. The first day I ignored it, and the second day I called my doctor.

I went in today and Theodor looked great- everyone at the office always comments on how active he is, he basically never stops moving there. Which is always a really nice reassurance. They did a CTG (monitor the heart rate of the baby and if I have contractions for 20 minutes) which is something they started doing at 30 weeks so nothing special, and then she did a transvaginal and a normal ultrasound. Everything looked really good. My cervix is still completely closed and Teddy was absolutely fine. So she prescribed magnesium for me and told me to take it easy. It wasn't my normal doctor though so I have to go back tomorrow. I'm not worried but it is a bit stressful when you think how easily labor can start at this point.

I look totally tired in this picture but I promise I still feel really good! This was just taken at the end of a long day:)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Months

Tomorrow we hit the two months left mark. Wow. It is still completely unreal to think that I will soon have a son. This whole time I have felt like we still have so much time and now it is really starting to hit that, hey we really don't. However I am happy to have a lot going on as that keeps me from getting too focused on any one thing.

I think one thing that has really helped me stay calm and relaxed through all of this is having wonderful midwives and a great OB.Never once have I heard you shouldn't do this, or any negative comments. It is great, especially when I read some of the silly warnings that places like and the like send out in the weekly emails. I've actually stopped reading all of them, as they just aren't worth my time.

I feel good, and the baby is doing great and that is all that matters.

In other news, I feel so so sad for all the people in Haiti. I hate not being able to do anything besides donate money. I simply can't imagine the pain that the whole country is going through right now. My thoughts are with everyone there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 Weeks!

I have hit 30 weeks and couldn't be happier. This pregnancy has been so wonderful so far (well excluding the first trimester;) and I have to say that I barely "notice" that I am pregnant anymore. Although my hubby sure does! LOL I am so happy that he thinks my belly is gorgeous and still finds me incredibly attractive. I know not all women are so lucky and I can't imagine going through this without his support.

We have major renovations going on right now so our focus is more on that then the coming baby which I think is great, otherwise time can tend to draaaaag. I also recently made a clothing inventory on Excel after already making a baby product inventory, what stills needs to be bought inventory, and a cloth diaper inventory LOL, and I feel really good about what we all have. We still need to pick up a few items ... like socks! as of now Theodor has no socks:D and we also don't have that many newborn clothing items as I think 0-3 is more practical. Although to be fair me saying not many is probably not the same as other people's definition of not many. As of now our washing machine could break and we would be fine for at least two weeks haha. But since I have a feeling that this guy will be a little chunky- I'm not running out to buy too much more just yet. We'll see what happens! In terms of nesting it is just nice to know that for the most part this little guy could come tomorrow and it would be fine. Well except for the whole tons of renovations going on and mommy and daddy wanting a big healthy 40 weeker:)