Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I spend quite a bit of time on various message boards, unfortunately a bit too much in both my hubby and my opinions- something that I am working on, and I have learned a whole lot about infertility. In fact before we even started TTC I had already found an infertility clinic near us with good reviews, and had tons of supplements and ideas ready to help things alone. Then it turned out that I was one of the lucky ones, who had a crazy cycle but still got pregnant easily. Unfortunately a close family member of mine wasn't so lucky.

They were trying well before we started, around Feb/March of 2009, and are still trying now. They went in for testing and it turns out that a pregnancy without medical help pretty much isn't in the cards for them. Now they are doing their first IUI before moving on to bigger things. I am really praying that this is it for them. The chances are very good that they will get pregnant in 2010 with a bit of medical assistance but I want their journey to pregnancy to end this cycle. I can only imagine how hard it has been for them to be trying all this time and I really want them to get to experience the joy of seeing two lines on a pregnancy test this month. It also hurts my heart that so many people deal with infertility and often can't share their pain and struggles openly with their friends and families.

So if you have any baby dust to share send it their way,and if you are dealing with something similar you are in my thoughts and I want a BFP for you!

Busy, busy, busy

We have renovations going on and have spent the last two weeks away from home. Thankfully we are back in our flat since Saturday and I feel so much more relaxed. We also have everything we need for the baby so hopefully things will really calm down soon so that I can start just looking forward to this exciting time we have ahead of us. Until that point though I thought I could at least update with a little picture collage:)