Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still here

I know, I know, it has been weeks since I have posted even a peep. Well first off, life is fine, good, splendid,etc. However this baby has weakened my immune system to such a state that I got seriously ill 2 times within a month. I was on antibiotics, which helped... a little. But basically I was miserable, and dealing with a toddler, and thinking I would never feel better and hating it all. Now I'm better... well I have a cold but it appears that is going to be my healthy for the duration of this pregnancy. For someone who is otherwise almost never sick, this is a bit of a pain but more then doable.

Teddy had his second birthday. It went great. He is doing great. Everything is great. Really! I love having a toddler. He is starting to push the boundaries a bit more- running into the street like a maniac for example. But is also starting to get into pretend play, is talking more, and generally throwing both my husband and I for a loop with how crazy fun and adorable he is. He also is happy about the coming arrival of Ferdinand.

Yep that is right, we are having another boy! We're excited, while I was at the same time a little disappointed to find out I wouldn't get to experience a girl this time around, I also am thrilled to be having another boy and for Teddy to experience having a brother.

Although he is theoretically interested in the idea of a baby (I don't think he will really like the reality), what Teddy is really into right now are cars. He wakes up in the morning saying "autos", he goes to sleep at night saying "autos", he sleeps with a toy car (thankfully any of his will do, and if it falls out he doesn't care), he wants to ride in the car all the time. He points out all the "autos" he sees (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc), and in general seems to have decided that "auto fahren" = riding in the car, is pretty much the best thing ever. We think it is cute although since we live in the city and don't have much reason to drive most places it can be hard to convince that we are going to walk or bike.

Speaking of biking, he got a balance bike and loves it. He isn't using it correctly yet, as he doesn't sit down on it, but I think that will come naturally with time and figuring out that is faster.

I'm looking forward to spring, for real spring, not this 40/50s snow/rain/hail junk we have been stuck with, and everything that goes with it.