Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 weeks

Ultrasound pic to hopefully follow after appt tomorrow.

I feel sick most of the time but feel like it is easing up. I throw up every few days, sometimes it is awful throwing up everything in my stomach and sometimes it is over quickly and not that bad.

I do have a stomach though which is a bit fun for me. With most of my clothes you would never notice but I feel it when I wear jeans- am using the rubber band trick, and the lovely husband noticed right away:D


  1. What a cute little belly you've got going on there!!! I'm so glad everything continues to go so well.

  2. Me too Ella. I have seen all of these terrible things which so many of you have had to deal with and I am continually in awe of you all. Pregnancy is so hard for me just so that I can't imagine how I would be feeling if I had experienced a loss.
    I am just incredibly grateful for this whole experience and try to enjoy as much of it as possible.