Sunday, December 2, 2012

A few awesome things according to Teddy

A few awesome things according to Teddy.
Teddy is a little over two and a half years old now and I feel like I should mention a bit of what he is up to.

-Construction Sites
This one has been popular for a while now with no signs of diminishing in popularity. Have you ever watched construction workers at a site for over half an hour a few times a week? I have. So have Teddy's babysitters. The best items are cranes (Teddy delights in being a crane while doing normal day to day activities as well), diggers, and people hammering (BANG BANG).

Teddy isn't into animals. At all. I know this because we have a yearly zoo pass and he literally only wants to go to the playground there, play with the real safari jeep in one of the food areas, and talk about riding the antique cars which he never gets to ride. He has never once asked to look at an animal, take a closer look at an animal, or not leave an animals area- in fact his most frequent comment is "weitergehen" (roughly translated: lets keep going) However he does like animal sounds due to some books he has- and all animals roar. Now he does the right sound Woof Woof, Meow,etc but he somehow makes it into a roar- it is awesome.

-Telling us what we are doing right at this very moment and then repeating it over and over again until one of us confirms what he just said by saying, "yes you are right that is what we are doing".
This happens literally hundreds of times a day. Some favorites "nicht dünkel" "nicht dünkel" "jetzt nicht schlafen gehen" (not dark, not dark, now it isn't time to sleep-this isn't said in a negative way just as a statement which must be confirmed) "baby weint" (the baby is crying- always fun to confirm this over the baby's high pitched screams).

A German phrase which basically means "well!/?" but which Teddy constantly uses after every phrase. It is very cute and I am hoping it naturally goes away because no one uses it as much as he does but he definitely isn't aware he is using it so I don't know how in the world I would teach him to stop.

Riding on his balance bike is one of his favorite things to do and he is really good at it. Like I can't watch because I am sure if he goes down that skate ramp any faster he might die, good.

-"Monkey show"
For a long time Teddy would only watch the show "Max and Ruby" . This was annoying for me because I have only been able to find two seasons of it, so I was stuck watching the same episodes over and over and over again. Now Teddy likes "Curious George" which he calls the "monkey show" and I get to spend time watching one of my favorite childhood characters on the little screen. If I am going to be watching toddler TV this is one show I don't mind.

- Gummy bears, fruit snacks, cookies, cake
I don't know how it happened, if it is related to personality, or what, but Teddy really likes sweets. If he sees some he wants them and will actually try to take a piece of your cake from your plate if he has already finished his and you have some left. Not so amusing in front of company.

Trains are still one of the greatest things ever and thankfully since we live in the city, subways are also considered trains. He loves riding trains, talking about trains, playing with his train table,etc.

-My husband and my husband's friends
Spending time with daddy is one of the best things ever. He delights in shutting the door in my face "Tschüüüüüsssss mama" (bye mom) and doing super secret awesome things with his dad. We also have a good friend who has come over to play with him a few times, and last time he actually started crying when he had to leave. I am clearly not first choice when it comes to playmates.However I also am no good at building forts and often veto things citing reasons such as danger and bodily harm so I understand. I'm still the only one who can bake cookies with him which assures that I will never fall too low in the rankings.

-Skyping with grandma
When we first started doing this, he really didn't know what was going on, but now he really enjoys talking to grandma and actually requests to skype with her sometimes. I find this to be super cute and I know it is great for their relationship.