Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost 6 months!

I have read before that with kids the days can be long but the years are short and it is so true, and right now even the days are flying by.

I have two wonderful little boys and a great husband that take up most of my time and they are all helping to make this current phase of my life really enjoyable.

Teddy is doing so good. He transitioned to KITA- which is short for "Kindertagesst├Ątte" or Kindergarten but would relate most closely to our American pre-schools or structured daycare. He went from being around only 3-4 other children for 5 hours 3 days a week to going to a big old villa with 3 stories, and what will end up being about 50 children altogether (although they will be separated into groups of 8-12). However this Kita has just opened so when Teddy started in January they were just 8 children which has made the adjustment go even smoother. They do such a fantastic job and we are really happy that we were able to get him in, as finding spots in the city can be quite difficult. One of my favorite parts is that they have a male teacher who is just wonderful. He actually is a qualified sports grade school teacher which fits perfectly with Teddy. All of the teachers are also very young and dynamic and never seem to let all the little ones phase them. Needless to say Teddy seems even more like a "big kid" now, as his vocabulary expands every day, and as the way he interacts with others becomes more and more cooperative.

Ferdi is just the sweetest thing ever. He rarely cries, he loves to just look around, and he just fits so well into the family. Two weeks ago I also started feeding him solids thinking it would take quite awhile for him to get the hang of it and he is already eating 4 meals a day! He eats a milk-rice porridge morning and night, and has a veggie/carb (but no grain) meal for lunch and often times a snack of fruit in the afternoon. The fact that he is eating so well has also allowed me to feel comfortable weaning him for the night so he is now going as long as 11 hours in the night without breastfeeding. He still wakes 1-2 times often in the night but just going in and giving him a pat is enough for him to fall back asleep. I'm hoping to work on the night wakings in the coming weeks and have him truly sleeping through the night very soon. I know from Teddy that a full night's sleep is the most important thing for me to get my energy back and to start truly feeling like myself again, so it is definitely a priority for all of us. Although so far he has made things so easy for us that I can't complain and don't imagine that the day where I get a nice 6 or 7 hour stretch of sleep again will be so far off in the future. He still nurses during the day and I think with the milk meals in the morning and night he should be getting more then enough milk altogether. His face and body have chubbed out considerably so I think it was definitely a good choice for us to make.

The weather is cold, rainy, and gray here so we are all really looking forward to spring. Teddy's birthday is coming up and now that one of his teachers plays a guitar and sings every morning at Kita he wants only a "eetarre"="Gitarre"="guitar".
Me with my boys

Hanging out in Ferdi's bed

Teddy dressed up for Carnival!