Friday, May 8, 2009

How we got Here

The music is blaring and my eyes are watering from the smoke. He reaches for his beer and I drink from mine. We have been dancing for hours and I no longer know where my friend is. Probably in a dark corner somewhere, the club is huge with lots of little dark nooks for getting to “know” others better. We however prefer the coolness that breezes by right outside the club doors. The bouncers are less impressed with our stopping point and we are forced back inside to the heat and sweat. He is unconvinced that I am 19, saying with authority- no you’re 21. Apparently 24 year olds aren’t interested in 19 year olds where he comes from. I shake my head no and he seems to accept my answer although if he will remember it this way the next day is questionable. After a very long night of dancing and drinking and very light conversation we exchange numbers when my friend shows up complaining of an upset stomach. I go home with her with the promise of meeting up for a picnic and a ride on his motorcycle on Sunday.

1 week later

We have finally connected after our first night together and this time no alcohol is involved. He picks me up on his motorcycle. I’ve never ridden on one but for some reason I am not impressed. I mean it is fine but I would just as rather ride in a car. I don’t tell him this though since he seems to expect a big reaction. We watch a movie that I will never forget Hass- Hate, he said it was “nice”. It isn’t nice. It is powerful, moving, funny, and sad. A movie I never would have picked for a first date but the man seems to be full of surprises.

3 years later

We have been living together for 2 years and life is splendid. OK the first year living with his parents was not always easy but who says life is easy. We had our own separate living quarters at his parents house but that is no comparison to the incredible flat which we now own. We live in a beautiful part of the city and I wake up every morning happy and go to sleep every night blissful. He takes me out to dinner for our anniversary and I know not to expect a proposal. We have agreed to get married but when he proposes is up to him and as he told me- proposing on an anniversary in a restaurant is cheesy. When he takes me to the roof top of a building after dinner I am still expecting nothing. When he gets down on one knee, saying that the world lies at my feet and will I be his wife, I am in shock. I am crying so hard and just saying yes over and over again. It is the most amazing night of my life. Absolutely perfect.

3 years and 6 months later

We are in a room filled with our friends and family saying our vows in Germany. We are married. It is just as nice as I expected.

3 years and 6 months and 1 day later

I want kids. Now. My husband had an inkling this would happen but he thinks Why now? Why me? Whatever happened to waiting until I am 30 in 2 years?

Right now

We are married and happy. We are also newlyweds so this is perhaps not such a great surprise. We are having an American ceremony to celebrate our wedding with my American relatives and we are also finally on our last cycle of using protection. In a few days my period will come and we will be officially trying to have a baby. Of course we will probably be on separate continents at the time but that doesn’t change the fact that we are trying to expand our family. And I am happy.


  1. hey girl, love this new blog and layout!
    Going to add this new one to reader! :)

  2. I'm glad you like it! I am excited to see where it takes me:)

  3. Ditto, love the new blog/name/look! And loved reading this story, so sweet :)