Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tomorrow my lovely, sweet, and wonderful hubby has a birthday. He turns 28. Unlike me he doesn't really enjoy getting older, he has a lot of responsibilities and he really sees it as one step closer to death. I know, I know, so depressing!

I love getting older so far every year has just gotten better and I can't wait for more. Especially considering that if we are lucky an adorable little baby will be joining us in the future.

Tomorrow is also a big holiday here in Germany. It is Christi Himmelfahrt Day (otherwise known as Ascension Day) and Fathers day here. What this means is that the men all start drinking in the morning and especially in the country and suburbs walking around in big groups with wagons full of alcohol with no real destination. Of course many ladies also join in on the fun and overall the day has a great feeling.

However I have no ideas for what we are going to do. I have his presents but since it is a holiday we can do anything we want for the whole day, and I have no clues. Any ideas what we could do together?

We will end up eating together, working out, and...... help me out ladies!:D

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  1. Sorry I have no suggestions for you Ash, but I am sure he will still have a wonderful birthday! That holiday sounds awesome!