Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting healthy

Growing up I used to drink about 3-4 cans of pop a day. Yep that’s right pop- I’m a Midwestern girl. My mom raised me well but once I hit about 14 she let me make my own food most of the time since that was what I wanted. I was a super skinny active stick so she had next to no worries about my health. This allowed me to subsist off of nachos, pizza rolls, toaster strudels and pepsi adding in some cookies or other unhealthy treats when I felt like it.

Of course this meant that I was destined to marry someone who finds butter disgusting and who recently tried 0% fat cheese. I am sure you are all getting hungry just thinking about that.

That’s right my husband who started bodybuilding at the age of 14- not professionally but there are some pictures of him from his late teens that make me go Whoa, is a huge healthy eater. No oil, if possible no added fats, and diet everything. He still lifts weights at least three times a week and although he has thankfully moved on from his muesli and creatine days he still likes to eat incredibly healthy. So I do too. Which is OK. I mean in the long run it is great for me but I do of course still like to make a plate of nachos for myself, as I am not good at discipline and denial.

This gets me to thinking about all the things I will have to give up during the pregnancy.

Booze- ugh I don’t drink much anymore but I love German beer. It’s amazing- really. I will be sad to give it up but have thought about buying an alcohol free one if I end up getting a strong craving.

- I didn’t start drinking this until a year ago in Spain, but now I am in love. Thankfully I only drink about a cup a day, so if I start drinking half a cup every other day I think it will be fine.

Diet Coke- Uhm can I even drink any kind of coke? I am under the impression that the only thing which is OK is caffeine and sugar free- but that sugar substitutes are also bad. What I am supposed to drink? Water? Don’t answer that LOL.

Excederin- I hope I don’t get headaches like I do now. Ugh I cringe just thinking about it.

Sauna and Jacuzzi- We belong to an awesome health club that has a few of both of these and I LOVE them. I am naturally cold- like ice according to the hubby. So I actually used to use the sauna in the winter to warm me up a bit when I left the cocoon of my sleeping bag. I am hoping being pregnant makes me –normal- and that this isn’t such a problem.

Skiing- A few ski trips are planned for next year and I will be staying home for one and going Nordic skiing while the others race down the pistes for the other. I don’t mind too much about this one though-due to the whole hating being cold thing.

- I quit smoking long ago, and 99.9% of the time I don’t miss it. Unfortunately our friends like most Europeans did not get the memo that smoking is bad and dangerous for your health. A lot of bars and restaurants here didn’t get the memo either which means that some parties and gatherings with friends will be out once I am pregnant. This is of course sad for me. Thankfully we do have some good non-smoking friends who I will still be able to hang out with.

Because getting pregnant could take awhile I have decided not to cut any of it out until after ovulating each cycle and then going with my gut until a pregnancy test confirms a BFP. Are there any things you all are giving up before getting pregnant? Or things you gave up or would add to my list?


  1. I still indulge in a caffeine free diet coke once in a while... diet coke is my WEAKNESS lol :)
    I also gave up soft cheese (well, we went basically vegan before I got preggo so pretty much all cheese anyway) and I LOVE cheese! I crave cheese! I dream of cheese... it's kind of sad really ;-)

  2. I also LOVE cheese but thankfully my favorites are hard cheeses like cheddar. Kudos to you for going pretty much vegan!

    I am sure I will drink caffeine free diet coke at least once a week, I am so addicted to diet coke I can't imagine never drinking it. Hopefully I will have an aversion to it LOL:)

  3. You can safely consume 3 caffinated drinks a day. The caffine is bad bc large quantities have been linked to m/c. After the first trimester, I returned to drinking my one or two soda or coffee a day. Although water in large quantities will help with the swelling (ha!)

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  5. We sat Pop in NY too, when I visit my Aunt down in South Carolina people have no idea what we are talking about when we say pop. I also get horrible migraines from the car accident I was in. I am not sure how I am going to handle that while PG. I should probably talk to the dr about it and see.