Sunday, May 10, 2009

Confession Time

I am a bit of a planner. And by a bit I mean that I once created a 23 page schedule for a week long trip to Ireland and Scotland.

It was organized by hour.

That we managed to stay together after that trip is a sign of my husband’s resilience and love. Had there not been strongholds, ancient prisons, and beautiful scenery to take away from my overbearing presence who knows if I would now be happily married.

But I learned my lesson. I no longer plan our trips; we tend to stick to all-inclusive partially for this reason. And when I do plan- Mexico in July I am looking at you. I try and stick to the absolute bare minimums- rental car, place to stay, one or two places to visit, maybe a restaurant suggestion or too, and that is it.

This has not crossed over to the pregnancy and baby world however. I have been looking forward to having a child for at least the past 2 years, and seriously wanting to start for the past year. So I can’t be blamed for having a bookshelf that looks like this.

I just thought you all should know;)


  1. You know I have a bookshelf that looks the same, and I sit and laugh bc I know all the preparation in the world is not enough, and one day my child is going to do something a book never told me to expect, lol.

  2. Exactly! I have a sinking suspicion that we will have precocious children who will do things that are not in any books as we were both intelligent, warm, and loving as children but also on the difficult side.

    But I do feel like having read a few books can at least help to introduce new ideas and strategies that I might not have thought of before. At least I hope so:)

  3. I agree...I read the books for ideas and strategies to help with raising babies/children...because I know there are so many things I haven't thought of :)

  4. I think you just want to be "prepared" for what lies ahead... he can't argue with that can he?

  5. Oh no hubby doesn't mind at all. He thinks it is cute:)