Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rock Star

I met up with a friend of mine whose baby is a week older then Theodor today. Her daughter is lovely and sweet and a completely normal baby. I was in shock. I honestly couldn't believe how "easy" she was. Not to say that taking care of a newborn is ever easy because it isn't but she was no comparison to Theodor. Before today I always sort of thought in the back of my head that all babies were like Theodor even though I knew from the statistics in my current favorite book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" that 80% weren't like him. Seeing it made it much more "real".

Her daughter was perfectly content to be awake and looking around and even could be awake in her pram without crying. She also cried very quietly and calmly when she was hungry not going from 0 to 100 like a certain someone I know who has no quiet/calm cry. My friend also mentioned that they can put her down and sometimes she will just coo and look around and sometimes she will even fall asleep. Of course her daughter also got fussy and cried a bit but it was honestly not even close to how Theodor is almost all.the.time.

and you know what? I don't mind. I'm not jealous, I just feel like a rock star:D

Because even though I have this baby who SCREAMS as LOUD as he can most of the time when he is awake, or cries for an hour or two in the middle of the night, I'm still getting a marginal amount of things done. I'm getting out of the house with him every day for at least an hour.I am still doing the majority of everything around the house since my husband works so much and I don't feel like I am drowning. Although it needs to be said I could not be doing any of this without my husband, who is a huge help and support. I'm getting a shower or a bath in every day. I'm still madly in love with my husband and can't wait to go on our first baby free date. I mean I even went grocery shopping with the baby and didn't freak out when he cried hysterically for the last twenty minutes spent checking out and walking home... although I did have to take a 5 minute break once we got home;)

So yeah I'm a rock star with an awesome "lively" baby and I am totally OK with it.
Although I don't want to sugarcoat that I will be thrilled! when this whole colic thing is over:)

Chiropractor- he has gone 3 times and it has definitely helped. He sleeps for longer stretches now especially in the wrap- he has slept for 3 hour stretches a few times which is a BIG deal in our house.


  1. He may be a stinker, but he's absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Woohoo for your rock-stardom and also that the chiropractor seems to have helped! Yay!

  3. You are a rock-star!! Glad the chiropractor is helping.