Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Osteopath

Visiting an Osteopath was recommended by our pediatrician to help deal with our baby's colic/fussiness/ screaming. I read a bit about osteopathy online and we went ahead and made an appointment.

I went in with an open mind and we left 85 Euros poorer and with the impression that we had been conned :D The osteopath put her hand on Theodor's head and butt for about 20 minutes and explained that she was feeling energies that no one but a trained osteopath can see and encouraging Theodor's muscles/bones to go into the right position as they had moved during the birth and the process of getting into the right position takes time and can be painful for the baby hence the crying.

However she also said that even with "her treatment" we should just give the baby time-3 months was her suggestion, which surprise surprise just happens to be the time when colic ends naturally anyway, and make sure to give the baby lots of love and closeness. She also suggested 3 more appointments every 3 weeks.

So we left thinking she hadn't done anything, and now 4 days later I can honestly say I have noticed absolutely no change in Theodor, and that we definitely will not be going back.

We will however be trying out a chiropractor as hope never dies :D


  1. What a con...I hope his colic gets better or quieter. I'm not sure what happens but I hope it gets better for you all.

  2. Wow - well, at least you gave it a try, right? I hope you have better luck with the chiropractor!

  3. I absolutely recommend a chiropractor. Make sure they are certified to work on babies though. I recently started seeing one who specializes in maternity and infant care, and the stories she can tell just blow you away. I hope you and Teddy have happier days soon!

  4. Wow, yeah...with regular appointments his colic will improve in 3 months? With regular feedings, changings, and love his colic will improve in 3 months, so yeah I don't find that to be a revelation, either ;). Hope the chiropractor is more helpful!

  5. I know a friend of mine takes her little one to a chiropractor so I hope you have better luck with that then the osteopath. Sounds like a con to me.... Hopefully it gets better soon.