Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Moments

We have been home now for over a week and every day has some really wonderful moments. I feel like the moments also keep increasing and my love and awe for this baby is ever expanding.

I love Theodor's little toes and his hammy little sausage fingers which he got from my husband.
I love the way his bottom lip quivers when he is about to cry, and that the face we see from him most often is a big theatrical frown.
I love holding him when he is sleeping and even sometimes when he is screaming.
I love that he likes being in his stroller, car seat, and sling... most of the time;)
I love that when he takes a bath with papa it reminds me of my beautiful birth with him and the moment they put him on my stomach.
I love that he is a champion breast-feeder, able to latch on perfectly from the beginning and eating with voraciousness now.
I love that I get to give him kisses all over his soft cuddly body whenever I want.
Overall I guess I just love that I get the privilege of being Theo's mom.


  1. Awww that was soo sweet and that picture is beautiful!! )

  2. Beautiful words, gorgeous pic, Ash!

  3. You are so gorgeous - and Theo is such a handsome guy. You are doing great at this new mom thing!!!

  4. He is lucky to have you for his mom too :)

  5. Oh what a gorgeous photo of you two. I loved the video too - so funny (although probably not for you!)! Glad you are settling in a bit more :-)

  6. What a privilege that is. So much love and joy surrounds you both. This is a beautiful photos. So peaceful.