Thursday, January 21, 2010

32 Weeks

I had a bit of a scare yesterday and today. I had very little brown spotting both mornings when I woke up. Now normally this wouldn't give me pause but the hubby is out of town this week so I wasn't really sure what could have caused it. The first day I ignored it, and the second day I called my doctor.

I went in today and Theodor looked great- everyone at the office always comments on how active he is, he basically never stops moving there. Which is always a really nice reassurance. They did a CTG (monitor the heart rate of the baby and if I have contractions for 20 minutes) which is something they started doing at 30 weeks so nothing special, and then she did a transvaginal and a normal ultrasound. Everything looked really good. My cervix is still completely closed and Teddy was absolutely fine. So she prescribed magnesium for me and told me to take it easy. It wasn't my normal doctor though so I have to go back tomorrow. I'm not worried but it is a bit stressful when you think how easily labor can start at this point.

I look totally tired in this picture but I promise I still feel really good! This was just taken at the end of a long day:)


  1. Glad everything is okay! I'm surprised they prescribed mag... how is it treating you?

    You look fabulous as usual - but I just can't believe you are already 32 weeks!!!

  2. Oh my goodness...I'm surprised you don't fall forward with a belly like j/k...You look great girl!

  3. I haven't noticed anything yet concerning the magnesium as it is a pretty low dose twice a day. All I read online is that it can help relax the muscles.

    Concerning my belly it is always a shock when I see it in pictures! LOL At the end of the day I am walking around like an 85 year old woman though, everything hurts and I am down to turtle speed. But I feel like that is normal for having so much weight kicking me and squirming throughout the day and night in my stomach.