Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 Weeks!

I have hit 30 weeks and couldn't be happier. This pregnancy has been so wonderful so far (well excluding the first trimester;) and I have to say that I barely "notice" that I am pregnant anymore. Although my hubby sure does! LOL I am so happy that he thinks my belly is gorgeous and still finds me incredibly attractive. I know not all women are so lucky and I can't imagine going through this without his support.

We have major renovations going on right now so our focus is more on that then the coming baby which I think is great, otherwise time can tend to draaaaag. I also recently made a clothing inventory on Excel after already making a baby product inventory, what stills needs to be bought inventory, and a cloth diaper inventory LOL, and I feel really good about what we all have. We still need to pick up a few items ... like socks! as of now Theodor has no socks:D and we also don't have that many newborn clothing items as I think 0-3 is more practical. Although to be fair me saying not many is probably not the same as other people's definition of not many. As of now our washing machine could break and we would be fine for at least two weeks haha. But since I have a feeling that this guy will be a little chunky- I'm not running out to buy too much more just yet. We'll see what happens! In terms of nesting it is just nice to know that for the most part this little guy could come tomorrow and it would be fine. Well except for the whole tons of renovations going on and mommy and daddy wanting a big healthy 40 weeker:)


  1. Can't wait for that lil baby to get here! :)

  2. Well done Ash, not long now! I had to smile a bit about all your inventory spreadsheets ;-) Planning rules!
    Just one tip, don't worry too much about socks to start with. You'll find that onesies (with feet) are the most practical clothing for a newborn so you don't really need them until later. I remember by the time I started dressing Teddy in proper outfits, a lot of his clothes (including socks and those little soft bootees! *sigh*) were too small.
    Do you get another scan at 36weeks? That way you could have them guess how big he is; and you'll know if you need more newborn size stuff or not!

  3. I have a scan on Monday- did you find the sizing to be correct? I just always hear that they are off by a few pounds which makes me think that they aren't worthwhile in terms of guessing size.

    I'm also guessing that a shopping trip might be a fun "first outing" after a few weeks have passed so I am trying not to get too much so that I can still buy things as time passes.

  4. Oooh exciting! :-) Well, Teddy was just over 7lbs at the 36 week scan (36w 1d); and then nearly 10lbs at 41weeks when he was born, so I think that was quite an accurate guess. Yes, it is only a guess and can be off by a pound or so; but it still gives you a rough idea (although having said that, I didn't think he was going to be quite so big as he came out!).

  5. Yes I can imagine a 10 pound little cutie being quite a shock- no matter how much they say it looks like he is weighing:D We'll see what they say tomorrow!

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