Monday, November 12, 2012

Growth Spurts

My husband likes to laugh at me when I talk about growth spurts, especially because during these first months they seem to be happening like every other day. However I had completely forgotten that growth spurts can turn normal babies into crazy little demon babies that are nothing like their normal selves. We just had our 3 month one (I think, guess, hope!) and for 4 days all Ferdi did was cry and sleep, and scream. It was....a special time. It totally brought back memories of Teddy and made me realize how much easier baby stuff is when you don't have to scream to be heard over the baby and how lucky, lucky, lucky I was to have a baby who wasn't normally like this. I never knew when Teddy was having a growth spurt because nothing changed whatsoever. This time it is totally different. Hey the baby wants to nurse a ton, is super fussy, and is sleeping less- must be a growth spurt. A few days later- hey the baby is nursing nicely, looking around pleasantly when awake, and sleeping nice stretches - must be my super awesome normal baby.

We just got back from our first vacation with both boys and it went great. I forgot the sun hood for the stroller so we had to improvise
and the boys were adorable and had a good time... except for that whole growth spurt thing.

As you can tell I am once again going against the German advice of never ever propping up my children before they can sit on their own. According to them this will lead to less intelligent children, serious back problems, and children who will probably not succeed in life. I'm such a bad ass. And a terrible mom. Who doesn't care- which I guess probably makes me even worse.


  1. You ARE a bad ass! I think having two kids has made you even funnier (which doesn't really surprise me because I think the more kids someone has, the more their sense of humor HAS to increase - otherwise, honestly, how would we survive it all?!) ;)

  2. Tee hee, thanks. Although I imagine having twins puts you in a special category your sense of humor has to be crazy high then ;)

  3. Hahaha, Ferdi looks so skeptical in that first photo, such a personality already!

    Have you abandoned cloth diapers? I was wondering how that worked out and whether you'd do cloth diapers again?

  4. Isn't his expression great? He gives those looks a lot- like what in the world am I doing here?!
    I totally gave up cloth diapers. In theory I still love them but for us they just weren't practical. Teddy only goes through about 2-3 diapers a day but if he was in cloth it would be at least double that since they can't hold wetness well- our washing machines here are smaller and take much longer and in the long run I think the way we use disposables is better for the environment then if I would use cloth. Plus I am not willing to spend the time or the money on cloth. I think cloth is still a good option for babies though but as I am always behind on our laundry they just aren't a good option for us.

    How are you doing?

  5. That makes sense...I'll be curious about what ends up happening with us (I have a suspicion it will be something similar...)

    We're great, we've been living in London for the past year so life is very interesting but very good! :)

    1. ooh that sounds SO good Maja:D Are you planning on staying in London for awhile?

  6. yeah, a few years probably. I'm hoping to start my PhD soon and Miguel will be starting his masters so at least another 2 years!