Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh no 2 month update

I was reading old posts and really enjoyed the monthly updates I had written with Teddy. I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten (basically everything) and I resolved that I had to start writing these updates for Ferdinand as well. Hopefully I can one day get my act together and make all these posts into a book, and then I will always have the memories which are so quickly forgotten.

So 2 months let's see... not a very exciting time I must say. Nursing has been nice and easy from the very beginning with this one, which is similar to Teddy. I knew that once my milk came in everything would be golden and it was. The nurse at the hospital tried to scare me about the 10% weight loss, but I knew that I had nothing to fear. When Ferdi gained just about a pound in a little over a week my midwife said I really didn't need to worry about him getting enough milk even if he doesn't take that long to nurse from each side. So I spend pretty much no time at all thinking about that.
Smiles... smiles...we've seen a few but not many. No giggles. Our favorite expressions from Ferdi right now are ones which seem to express surprise and discombobulation. Seriously he looks kooky and like a mad scientist and it cracks us up.

Thankfully although he doesn't often smile he also doesn't cry too much. As long as I get him back to sleep quickly enough he tends to be content to just gaze into space and let his brother "play" with him.

Speaking of brothers, his loves him already. They can't do much together but Teddy tries to incorporate him into his play as much as he can. I love that he has a sibling and the house is definitely a lot less quiet then it was with Theo.

I'm not sure how much he weighs although a week and a half ago he weighed about 12 pounds. He had his picture taken for his children's passport and it looks amazingly adorable. He still has blue eyes which don't seem to be changing although I know they still could.

His longest stretch of sleep seems to be about 4-5 hours although 4 is the norm, then 3 hour stretches for the rest of the night. Since my first child's sleeping sucked I appreciate this and can work with it for a few more months. What I LOVE is that he can sleep not on me. Wow! I can actually do stuff during his naps, and we just moved him to a crib for the first stretch of the night and that is going really well too. It is crazy to have a baby where stuff like swaddling actually does something.

I love him. I love him and his brother together. I love watching him, his brother, and his father together. I love this little family of ours so much and I am so glad everything has worked out so well for us so far. Now I just need to convince my lovely husband to have one more and I will feel totally complete ;)


  1. He really is ADORABLE! Isn't it crazy how we forget stuff about our first born that was only 2.5 years ago. Crazy. I have to look up stuff in the baby book all the time! Do you think he looks just like Teddy? I do!

  2. Just 1 more? I thought you were going for 5? :)