Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Morning

We're walking down the stairs to the stroller. I've taken Teddy's jacket, shoes, and hat hostage to ensure that he finally decides to come with instead of finding the 35th item which he suddenly needs to play with/look at/take down/ pull apart/take off. The baby is fussing/crying because he is tired and just wants to fall asleep which unfortunately isn't possible when I have to keep putting him down to convince his brother "to please just come". We get downstairs and I realize that the double stroller hasn't been "winterized" yet and isn't set up for two, all this means is that I have to take the snow sack off the other stroller and put it on this stroller, take off the bassinet, and add the 2nd seat. Now altogether this should probably take about 1 minute but of course, because I am just trying to leave the house and go, and I am alone, it won't happen like that.

Teddy immediately starts trying to ride the neighbors bike which has training wheels, thankfully he is blocked by me taking apart the stroller. The baby starts screaming, wondering why in the world he is still not allowed to fall asleep yet. I try putting him down in the seat but then of course I have to take the seat off the stroller again because one of the buckles somehow is inaccessible and I need it to go through the snow sack. Teddy is currently trying to put his bigger seat on the stroller as well which means he might drop it on top of the baby at any moment. I put the baby on Teddy's jacket on the ground next to the steps, it looks completely uncomfortable and kind of dangerous so of course the baby instantly falls asleep. Teddy goes back to trying to ride the neighbor's bike while I sweat in my zipped up coat and try to stay calm. After about 10 minutes I've attached the 2nd seat with snow sack, the baby is buckled in, Teddy has a jacket, hat, and even shoes on, and his seat is also attached and we're ready to go. This is all that we have managed to do so far today and it is 10:30 in the morning. I've decided that breakfast, baths for both, and getting dressed don't count so i'm determined to get out of the house and run some errands, especially since Teddy has all of two diapers left and the stores are closed tomorrow.

Thankfully our morning after this point took a turn for the better. We got to all the stores we needed to, Teddy stayed sitting, the baby stayed sleeping, and I was able to get some exercise in by pushing the double stroller in the 36 degree weather. Speaking of which, thank you Germany for encouraging walking or biking to do the daily shopping, my body definitely appreciates the encouraged movement, and hopefully these baby pounds will continue to drop.

This morning when Teddy was doing his best to convince me not to like him at all, and the baby was just trying to cause early deafness I have to admit there were moments where I felt like crying because seriously do they not realize how difficult they can make simple easy tasks?!? But now this afternoon after enjoying a nice breakfast (we won't focus on the fact that it happened at 1:30 pm), watching the two of them "play" with each other, seeing them skype with grandma, and now enjoying the sounds of both children sleeping, I have to admit that I am more then ready for the afternoon to come.

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