Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I think that finding out the sex and seeing our healthy baby really helped make Theodore even more "real" for us.

We purchased our first outfit specially for -him-. It is incredible to think that our little baby boy will actually be wearing it in the near future.

It is also wonderful to watch my husband get excited for the child who will be entering our lives. He asked yesterday if the baby could sleep with us. Not all the time but for naps and on the weekend as he thought it would be pretty awesome. Of course I said yes. I have trouble sleeping when people are touching me though so I think we will probably end up getting one of those bassinets that goes next to the side of the bed and is like a half circle. They normally have railing on one side and since the baby still has it's own space I think I would feel better about it, and hopefully still be able to sleep.

Although who are we kidding I am sure hours of my life will be taken up with just staring at Theodore while he is sleeping. I can't wait.


  1. Ash, firstly congrats on having a boy, they're great fun! As mentioned before, fantastic name choice ;-) Are you going to call him Theodore, or will you use a nickname?
    I know what you mean about things becoming more real, I found it so much easier to bond once I knew the sex. And buying specific outfits is so exciting, I used to just lie them out and imagine how I'd put them on my baby...
    Another name related comment, recently I've been thinking about Thomas as a name for another baby as I find it goes well with Theodore, and just noticed it's your hubby's name... LOL!

  2. They do fit well together:D :D I think we will use Theo as a nickname but I am not sure that I will use it. I tend to use full names, we'll see how it ends up though.

  3. Congrats on your healthy baby boy! I am so happy for you and Thomas.

  4. Ash - Congrats on the baby boy! How exciting and I LOVE the name :)