Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So the big u/s is officially a week away and I am scared. We have names picked out for both sexes and I will be thrilled if it is a boy or a girl, so that is not what I am nervous about. I am nervous about being one of the one in a thousand or ten thousand or twenty thousand who gets the news that something does not look right.

I know the chances are slim but that doesn't keep me from having a general feeling of dread about the day. I am trying really hard to focus on the positive- like the fact that I am feeling the baby all the time now. Which is absolutely wonderful and I am sure it is baby's way of telling me that they are doing just fine but unfortunately my brain won't shut off. I've read the statistics and stories and know what is possible and will probably not be able to calm down until the ultrasound is over next Wednesday.

Any positive thoughts you all can share are appreciated.


  1. Ash, the odds are in your favor that everything is *perfect* and I'm sure it will be. Your such a good little mommy with all your worry! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!

  2. Ash, I know what you mean - the week before my big u/s I was reading up on everything that they're looking for, and when we were there finding out the sex was really not the important bit for me! I'm sure your baby is fine and you'll be thrilled to see the 10 little fingers, 10 little toes etc... :-)
    Will you share your name choice when you know the sex?

  3. Thanks ladies!! I really, really appreciate it!
    I can share the names now:)
    Theodore if it is a boy (in German pronounced tay-oh-door)
    Livia if it is a girl:)

  4. Ash, I am sure everything will be fine! Hang in there and like everyone else said you are going to be a wonderful mom and things will turn out just fine. and btw - I LOVE those names!

  5. Ha ha, great choice for the boys name! ;-) I like Livia too though!

  6. It is so funny I completely forgot your son was named Theodore until awhile after we picked the name- I always just thought of him as Teddy LOL :D

  7. Many positive thoughts and hugs your way! :)