Friday, September 4, 2009

On cloud 9

I love Emmaljunga strollers. I have been lusting after the Emmaljunga Edge Duo Combi for months. I knew well before we even got pregnant that I had to have one. I didn't care that they costed 900 euros I just had to have it.

Thankfully a certain site called E.bay exists so I was able to find the pram I wanted for about half the going retail price. I have been watching auctions for months now, often not bidding because the pram was too old, not the right color scheme, etc or bidding and losing, but yesterday the miracle of all miracles happened... I got my dream pram!

It is a year and a half old looks new and the exact color scheme I wanted. It features SO much it is ridiculous, however if you really want ridiculous you should check out the opening videos on the Emmal website. Definitely good for some laughs! If you then click UK and English you can find my stroller on the bottom right hand corner.

We are picking it up in two weeks and I can't wait. I am already in love:)

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