Monday, June 3, 2013

9 Months

Ferdinand is so lovely.  We were out on Saturday and the whole day he seemed a bit off, was just fussing a bit and didn't seem content. The hubby and I could not figure out what was wrong, and kept looking to see if the first tooth had magically popped through. It hadn't. Then that night he had a fever and it all made sense. That is the type of baby Ferdinand is- he has a day where he is a little fussy and we wonder what is wrong with him. He is just so relaxed and calm that the time flies by and I realize I have taken only 4 pictures of him in the whole month and written nothing down which has happened. But I am enjoying the here and now and while I might not have perfect records in 20 years I will be able to look back and remember that I was very happy with my lovely little boy. Here is what he is up to...

-We weaned. Only on 2-3 bottles now and the rest is table food. He didn't seem to mind at all and was happy to switch over to bottles full time.

-He's sleeping through from 6:30/7 to 6:30. Same bedtime routine as Teddy minus the book. I'm planning on putting them in the same room in the coming months.

-No teeth yet.

-No pulling up, no trying to stand, no trying to crawl on all fours. Perfectly content to just army crawl everywhere.

-Sits but is wobbly and can't pull himself up to sitting.

-Really loves spending time with his brother.

-Takes 2 naps and never falls asleep in the stroller.

-Loves to take baths and splash in the water.

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  1. He sounds so happy and content and all around awesome- lovely picture too! I think it is great that you are just enjoying the here and now with him. I noticed that I haven't taken as many pictures of Charlotte lately, and it is in part because I am enjoying being interactive with her, rather than viewing her from behind a camera lens.