Monday, September 5, 2011


I've said it before, and I guess I am going to say it again. Toddlerhood is awesome. Seriously.

The changes that are happening every week are mind blowing to me. Things like trying to jump, doing stairs without holding onto things, or trying to pull on his own socks, may not sound like much but when you compare that to just a few months ago when he couldn't even walk it is huge.

Verbally he is still only talking in his magical baby Teddy language. But you can see the little gears in his head turning as he "converses" with us. Plus he now is able to follow short instructions... if he feels like it ;)

The baby months weren't exactly my thing, although I am excited to do it all again. But now I feel like I only see oppurtunities. He can do so much now and the list of things we can do together just keeps expanding.

We're having a lot of fun and life is good. I hope to soon start posting more once a few things become more settled.


  1. Go's fun watching them at this age ;)

  2. Cute post, Ash - It always sounds like you and Teddy have so much fun together! And you're right, it is fun to watch as the list of things you can do with them grows.