Friday, September 30, 2011


We had a terrible summer here in northern Germany full of lots and lots of rain and cold weather. However we now have been graced with beautiful weather in the 70s with not a cloud in sight and Teddy and I have been enjoying it completely. However I have also managed to stay caught up with the new fall season of TV and like most years I have been pretty underwhelmed. I don't enjoy most of the medical procedural type shows, nor do I like most sitcoms. The shows I gave a chance were;

2 Broke Girls: meh, I was already walking away doing things in other rooms by episode 2.
The New Girl: I like Zoey but do not think they have enough of a concept for a show. I didn't really enjoy the first episode much and won't be turning in for the second.
Ringer: I wanted to love this, it has Sarah Michelle Gellar and an interesting fun mix of drama/soap/intrigue but it is SO incredibly bland that I can't imagine that it will even last out the season.
Person of Interest: Another one I really wanted to like but after 2 episodes it just still isn't working for me. I don't think the partnership between the 2 main guys really works, although I find the action scenes pretty good.
Charlie's Angels: Turned it off after 2 minutes, enough said.
Revenge: I wasn't even going to give this one a try but it is turning out to be everything Ringer should be and a great guilty pleasure.
Up All Night: Fun, sometimes almost too embarrassing to watch but a great addition to Modern Family.
Terra Nova: I loved this, a nice fun family show with some great action, interesting plot lines, and a little bonus for me a bi-racial couple which I always love to see.
Hart of Dixie: I'm a sucker for shows like this, the first episode was a little hokey but I will watch a few more times before deciding whether I really like it or not.
I'm still looking forward to Grimm and Once Upon A Time more so Grimm because it looks a bit darker but it seems cable will stay my home for my favorite shows; Justified, Psych, Suits, Portlandia.
Although my ultimate guilty pleasure isn't found on cable- I will admit here that I love Supernatural. I used to make jokes about it until I watched a few episodes and fell in love with Sam and Dean. It has everything I love; sci- fi, action, humor, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and the actors are pretty cute too.
So what is your TV guilty pleasure? What new shows are you watching this season?


  1. I felt the same way about 2 Broke Girls, The New Girl, and Charlie's Angels. I haven't seen the other shows (though I am interested in Up All Night).

    I tried watching How to be a Gentleman last night, and that lasted for about 2 minutes too.

    Our favorites right now are Modern Family, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Grey's (though this one has been pretty dull this year).

  2. How do you get these shows over there? Do you watch them n hulu or something? Or do they air them on German tv? Special cable station? It's good to know you still access them somehow!

  3. You ever watch HIMYM....that's a good show. Though I agree on most of your comments above. I'm trying to like 2 broke girls but mehhhh.

  4. You should try Damages, with Glenn Close! A friend got me hooked on it. I don't watch them on tv, I just get the dvds and watch those because I can never remember what time shows are on and end up missing episodes... :-P

    Also Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are two of my other favorites!

    And the weather here in Brighton (UK) has been amazing, too, it definitely feels like summer, though today is a bit chillier and finally feels like fall, yay! I much prefer fall to summer!

  5. I'm definitely going to try Damages! Are you in Brighton for good?

    Grace there are a few different ways to watch American TV- buy or rent the dvds, watch them online, download them, or buy a sling box which connects to an American TV and cable or satellite and lets you control it and the DVR.