Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time Passes

Sometimes I wonder if things can possibly keep getting better because they are already so good right now. I think Teddy’s personality right now is just so crazy awesome. He loves dancing whenever he hears music, this involves shaking and waving his hands, flinging his head forward and back, doing squats, and a recent addition is spinning in circles. He does this to 85% of music, and all the time in his car seat when we have music on. It is the funniest thing to watch, especially since he is pretty serious while he does it. He also loves to play chase now and laughs and when I say laughs I mean the type of laugh that is infectious and loud and sometimes even causes him to throw himself on the ground laughter, and will initiate chase all the time. Since this means just running away from me it isn’t always amusing for me but thankfully I’ve still got the longer legs and tend to fall over a lot less.

For me taking care of Teddy has really become more and more enjoyable as he has gotten older and I just wonder how it could possibly keep going on this way. I guess I will just have to wait and see. One thing I really love about having children is how they make you really enjoy the moment because there are so many fabulous… and less fabulous ones that you just have to soak them all up and laugh about the ones that make you want to scream.


  1. That's awesome.
    Run Teddy :)

  2. Such a great post! I feel the same way - each new stage with Evan is my new favorite. Each one seems more awesome than the last. That's so cute about the chase game and how he laughs so hard!

  3. Agreed!! Though I am hating the into-everything and constantly-falling that is currently going on at our house . . . but other things I am loving.

    I'm still SO curious how you will like the infant stage with a non-colicy baby who sleeps better. I definitely miss some things about that time, but James was so freaking easy then!

  4. I so know what you mean... While I do like the baby stage, I'm also impatient for Bo to get to the walking and talking stage! I think it will be so much fun to do stuff with the boys then; and for them to play with each other! I have to say now that I've got two boys at two different stages it is so amazing to see where Teddy has come from and how much of a real person he is now, if that makes sense.