Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enjoying time as it passes

Teddy is currently taking everything out of the pasta drawer, trying to turn on and open the oven, and in general driving me absolutely up the wall- he has a cold so he is extra clingy and whiny. So I thought what a perfect time to post something on my blog.

We are planning on having more then one child but this time around I am not stressing one bit about when we actually start to try for the next. I LOVE having a toddler while not currently breastfeeding or being pregnant. There are so many lovely things which I can indulge in whenever I feel like it without a single ounce of guilt or thought.

In the morning I love to drink a huge cup of coffee. Then sometimes later in the day I'll drink a few more. It goes without saying that I have some diet coke as well and the best part is that there is absolutely no reason for me to care.

My husband and I go out for late nights and I am not exhausted, or having to worry about getting home to nurse, or pump. We just go out and have a great time and look forward to seeing our son in the morning.

I can drink whatever I feel like whenever I want. If I want a nice German beer on a beautiful evening with friends, then I drink one. If I want a cocktail afterwards or another beer, or a shot of Ouzo at our favorite local Greek restaurant, then I have one and enjoy it! No thoughts on the baby or child I might be affecting with my drinking, just enjoyment!

And my absolute personal favorite, I can take all the medicine I want!! I suffer from bad headaches and it is absolute bliss being able to take ibuprofen and aspirin again. I love it.

Of course the time will come when I am once again ready to give all that up for the feel of kicks in my stomach and the excitement of adding another wonderful child to our family but for right now I have to say that I wouldn't change a thing.

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  1. I'm enjoying all those things as well....miswell before we start trying.

  2. A lot of the things you talk about I do anyway (while nursing)--drink wine, beer, coffee, tea, take Ibuprofen or Aleve. As far as I know all those things are safe in safe amounts? However, I'm sure the amount of coffee you are talking about (and more than one alcoholic drink at a time) would affect the baby . . . so if you like that stuff I can imagine how free you feel!

    And I am totally jealous of the "leave the baby all night and don't have to worry about him" thing. There is ZERO of that going on here. It is super stressful to leave him for more than an hour or two. So I will look forward to that very anxiously, hahaha.

  3. OMG just saw the picture!! HAHA! That is why I haven't been blogging, haha.