Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting the itch.

Tired, frustrated, exhausted, depressed, at times miserable, overwhelmed, anxious.

These are a few words which describe how I felt for the first months of Teddy's life.  "I'm looking forward to a break between being pregnant, nursing, and having a second. I'm excited to just focus on Teddy for awhile, and hope to space my children about 3 years apart." Was my general sentiment when it came to spacing.
Keyword: was

That's right, I the person who thought she was immune from baby fever for at least another year, am excited to try for another.
Even knowing that I could spend 4 months with the hangover from hell
(babyhangover= 1st trimester= all day and all night terrible nausea, upset stomach, and the occasional case of vomiting) and then 3 months with a ginormous stomach which causes terrible back pain and makes strangers ask if I'm having twins and when they are due, "Not for 7 weeks... thanks for the reminder." And then if I really get lucky 4 months of a colicky baby who screams, and screams, and screams, and then cries to mix it up a bit. And still I look at pregnant friends and think, "Ooh I want that!"
DH has banned all baby talk for the next 6 months.Which is A-OK. I didn't want to start trying until the end of summer anyway. This was clearly implied when I agreed to the baby talk ban. 

Teddy is doing his part to ensure the speedy arrival of a new sibling by consistently sleeping through the night, and being the most awesome little boy around during the day- "Keep it up buddy!"


  1. Aw, that's so cool, Ash! And I think if Eliza were sttn consistently, I'd be getting excited to try for another one soon, too - so, I can understand your excitement ;)

  2. I'm glad to see the bug has bitten! Hehe. Maybe you'll have an oops and you won't have to worry about trying . . . Teddy will be an awesome big brother!

  3. Ella: I am sure sleep will just keep improving on your end until the timing is just right:)
    Adrienne: No oopsies here, we won't be using FAM until we are actively TTC otherwise it will be condoms or the pill. :)

  4. I got baby fever right before my first turned 1. Now my 2nd is 6 months and luckily I have no baby fever right now cause he's still my little baby. But when he turns one, who know's what will happen.