Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's my birthday on Saturday and I am super excited! Moreso then I have been in recent years past because this year we are dropping Theodor off with family for the night! A whole night and morning with absolutely no little person needing anything from me, I can't wait!!

Of course to celebrate I decided to throw a party on Friday and then head out to the party district of Hamburg and dance away the sweet hours where I could be catching up on uninterrupted sleep. But honestly Teddy sleeps so well most nights now and the hubby and I so rarely have a chance to both really party together without one person having to head home early or not imbibe so as to be on their A-game to watch our son, that I think I made the right choice. We'll see how I feel on Saturday though...I'm guessing a headache will be involved in the aftermath but it will be worth it I'm sure.

Plus there will be an adorable little boy waiting for me. Ready to put a big smile on my face and help me forget all about it:)


  1. Happy birthday! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!