Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Showers

I'm throwing a baby shower and considering the only baby shower I have ever been to was my own, I'm looking for some tips.

What are your favorite activities at baby showers?

What do you secretly hate?

What is a good order to do things?

Any tips are most welcome.

To keep this post from being the absolute opposite of fun, I've thrown in a nice little nonsensical picture story.

Teddy enjoys a healthy meal of dirty printed paper, which is probably full of cancer causing inks. Mom is just happy to take a break from his other favorite- dirty plastic bags.

Haha just try and take this from my moist chunky little fingers.

Oh no the random take-out menu has been ruined. Someone is in big trouble.

That is right buddy, you're going in the box.
Clearly your sitting skills still leave a lot to be desired :D
We'll stick with standing.


  1. Lol....they'll put anything in their little mouths...looks like someone's not getting takeout :)

  2. haha... thats too adorable! =) Eirik loves paper too... yesterday he ate my target receipt!

    Babyshower tips... depends on the person personality. Some people get really into those silly games while other people would be happier to skip most of the games and just relax. Personally I secretly hate the really annoying games like "sniff the chocolate covered diaper and guess the candy" or "taste the babyfood".

  3. Cute pictures!

    At baby showers, I can't stand it when the mom-to-be takes hours to open gifts. This one girl would open one part of a gift, and get into a side conversation with someone. You can help move her along. I think it also helps to have people eating during the gift opening.

  4. I've never actually been to a baby shower, so I can't help out much there. I know that I wouldn't be a big fan of games, but that obviously would depend on the crowd.

    Very cute pictures though!

  5. I absolutely loathe baby shower games. They are annoying and NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY.

  6. I guess it depends on what the future mom prefers. It is difficult to please everyone but if her guests are supportive of her and she is happy, hopefully they will be too. In addition to some of the ones mentioned above, I've also seen the one where you place the safety pins in rice and the person has to try to fish them out without looking. Anyway, I wish you all the best and hopefully you don't have such a tough crowd.

    Adorable pics by the way :)

  7. About the only game that doesn't drive me nuts is to give everyone a ribbon or pin. No one is allowed to say a certain word (typically baby). If, for instance, I said the word while talking to you, you would get my pin. The person with the most at the end of the shower wins a prize.

    The pictures are great!

  8. Cute pics. I like playing games at baby showers. Not too many though.

  9. I think most baby shower games are kind of annoying. At the last one I threw, we did one that also was part of the decorations. We used clothespins to attach lots of baby items (onesie, pacifier, diaper, etc) to a clothesline that was hung around the room. About halfway through the shower, while the guests were distracted with cake or something, we took the line down. Then they had to write down as many items as they could remember and the one who remembered the most won. It was simple, and the mom got to keep all of the items.

    Teddy is just too cute--I love the pic with him chillin' in the box!

  10. We did a relay race at our shower where teams of 4 had to get the baby out of the crib, run across the house with a drink in their hand and put a onesie on it and the best timed team got a prize. There was a relay race that we played at another shower where teams of 4 had to pin clothes on a "clothesline" while we held a baby and the phone...each person had to pin 4 little baby clothes. I say if you're going to play games, keep it to one or two. Most people dont enjoy them and having tons of games gets really annoying.

    I like having a drink and socializing, a few games, getting food and then watching the mother open gifts while we eat. Good luck!!