Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 Months!

I’ve been a mom for 7 months now and lately it has really hit me how much I love this. How much I love my son. How much I love my husband. How lucky I am to have this amazing family. That all sounds so trite when I put it down to “paper” and I don’t know if it is even possible to explain the feelings of awe, fulfillment and pleasure I get from watching my baby grow and become his own little person. 

He is becoming so aware of everything going on around him and he has such a personality. He giggles because he finds something amusing which is just so cool. He has his own little sense of humor and he is constantly making my husband and I laugh. I mean who doesn’t let out at least a little guffaw when watching a fat little baby play with a plastic bag like it is the coolest most worthwhile thing ever.

He loves the time I spent on decorating his room.  I know this because he can spend 20 minutes (which for him is a looong time) just hanging out in there and taking it all in. Every time he sees the window curtains his eyes go all big and round and he delights in touching them. He also delights in trying to pull the overhead changing table heater down which seems to be a bit of a safety concern but thankfully dad installed that and not me, increasing the safety by a 1000%.  

He loves to eat and tries to use the spoon himself. He isn’t very good at it yet. (Mom speak for he sucks. Seriously that kid has poked his eye and gagged himself multiple times with his baby spoon). But he absolutely delights in “doing it himself” and I don’t mind at all. I’m just thankful dishwashers and washing machines exist.

I see in little ways that slowly but surely my little baby is turning into a toddler. In some ways this is sad as this really is all so wonderful. I mean wonderful in a, I break out in tears often just thinking about him, and how much I love him, and how happy he makes me, wonderful- and it is scary to think about those feelings just expanding as he continues to grow. I mean everyone says it just keeps getting better and I wonder how is that even possible? It is already so, so good. However I also am excited for what is to come. 

I'm especially excited for him to figure out crawling as right now he just does this weird push up movement that pushes himself backwards which really pisses him off. So he spends a lot of the day pushing himself back into a corner/under a table/ against a wall,and crying. This was really getting to me so I ended up buying him a walker which he loves. If he could he would spend the whole day standing (with help obviously) so the walker is pure bliss for him. After two day he has already figured it out enough to get into lots of trouble- keys pulled out of drawers, chairs knocked over, books pulled out of shelves LOL. He only gets about 20 minutes twice a day in the walker so that he doesn't get too lazy about crawling but it is a nice change of pace to hear squeals of amusement instead of cries of frustration.


  1. He is so adorable and this post is so sweet. You're such a good mommie. You make me want to have one right now--kidding!

  2. We just got M a walker too! And she also loves it! She isn't crawling either but does army crawl really fast! Glad to see an update from you, I need to do one myself.

  3. I love the pic of him in the walker, he looks SO cute!! I hope he gets the crawling thing down soon! I bet once he starts you'll never stop him!

  4. It's so great that he gets the opportunity to stand up right but still has plenty of crawling time. He's so adorable. I'm sure he'll be crawling forward in no time.

  5. Omgoodness. I just love his little hamhock legs. He is too juicy :) You are blessed and to be appreciative of the lovely family you have isn't trite at all. When I think of how many friends/families I know with broken homes, it's great to see families that are together. Say it over and over, girlfriend :)