Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My mom

My mom was here for 18 days and Teddy loved her from the start.

She got a whole lot of these from him.

And was also patient enough to bounce him on the exercise ball for an hour just to get him to fall asleep.

She also didn't mind listening to him scream in the car, since he, like a few other little babies I know, HATES HIS CARSEAT. We've done two 3 hour trips and at least 50% of those trips have been him crying. Someone is comforting him the whole time, he is fed on the hour, etc- but he just doesn't like the thing and if he isn't asleep he is pissed! And my mom never complained once even though his screaming can be more then a little tiring to listen too.

My mom's visit was amazing and really helped me get through Teddy's peak fussy weeks.

I feel like I have a new baby now. He is smiling all the time and even giggling. He loves looking around and today for the very first time ever he fell asleep not in someones arms!!!

Thank you mom for being an amazing role model and mother to me. I wish we lived closer to one another but I appreciate that you support me so completely in my life here in Germany. Theodor is so lucky to have you for a grandmother. I love you.


  1. Ashley,

    Thank you. I loved being with you and Thomas and Teddy. I thought of you all the first thing when I woke up this morning. You are a wonderful Mom and I'll love you forever...sorry about getting sappy!


  2. Aww Ash, I'm so glad you had such a nice visit with your Mom--this is such a nice tribute to her! :-)