Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Man boobs

Teddy has them:)

He also has the most adorable chubby kissable thighs and legs ever.

You may notice the sposie diaper- all his cloth diapers are too small and I can't buy new ones till we are in the States in September.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a brand that does a good fit for plump babies? I had a mix of newborn diapers but never really had enough time to figure out a favorite brand/type. Although I do know I would prefer AIOs.


  1. What a cutie! I just want to nom on those thighs :)

    On our chuck-a-monk, we use good 'ol bum genius AIOs (both sized and OS organic AIOs, which are *true* AIOs, not pockets), and they have been wonderful. Eliza is almost 21 pounds and they have fit her really well since about 2 months (or ~12 lbs). She is currently in size M, though L is in our near future! We've never had a leak, and they are easy to use and easy to wash/dry (though just an FYI: they do take 2 dry cycles - at least in my machine - unless you hang them outside to dry for a bit first, which is what we do in the summertime).

  2. That's one of those pictures you'll have to blow up to a gigantic size and display at his wedding ;-)
    Sorry, no info on the nappies as I think UK brands are different to American ones.

  3. Oh he is a precious chubby monkey! I love me some chunky baby thighs!! :)

    B uses the Bumgenius AIO and we have had really good luck with them. I'm partial to the velcro they use instead of the snaps bc it seems like I get a better fit. She has thunder thighs too and I rarely get leaks from them (when I do it's from overnight)


  4. no advice on the diapers, but what a cutie pie!

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