Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I gained about 40 pounds with my pregnancy with Teddy. This is how I looked at the end...

Now 8 weeks postpartum I only have about 6 pounds left to lose! :D However I have a whole lot of toning to do in the stomach area, as that is where I pretty much gained everything.

Carrying around a heavy baby all day (he is about 14 pounds now!) and doing lots and lots of walking (a minimum of at least 2-3 miles almost every day) is definitely helping my arms and legs to get toned but not really doing much for the belly.

I'm going to start working out again for real in June but I was wondering if any moms had some good exercises for the stomach that I can do at home, and ideally with baby?

P.S. I am only able to write this because my amazing, amazing mom is still here visiting. She is so great at cuddling up with her grandson and I am finally getting some minutes to myself- it is really lovely. Especially since Teddy still can't sleep by himself for more then 4ish minutes so he is pretty much on me 24 hours a day.

Here a picture of my lovely mom and I.


  1. heir to blair blog posted a few workout with baby tips plus vlog awhile ago..

  2. Great pic of you two! Eliza and I have been doing mom & baby yoga that has a lot of core work, though I can't say I've noticed a different... :/ Guess I'm not working hard enough!

  3. You look amazing Ash! I have about 50 lbs to lose to get to my PP weight and want to lose another 30 on top of that.

  4. Awesome on losing all that weight. What a great pic of your mom and you. I am so glad she was able to come to visit! How fun!