Saturday, May 15, 2010

7 weeks!

Theodor is 7 weeks today and it is amazing to watch his personality slowly emerge. It is also fun to hear from other mothers who spend time with him as it clues me in to things I never would have known.

Like who knew that many 7 week olds can't hold their heads up, and don't spend most of their awake time pushing as hard as they can with their legs and stomachs basically willing themselves to stand or sit (I honestly have no clue what is going through his head,perhaps he just hates being held and wants to assert his independence LOL)? He is also is in mainly 6 month clothes now which is honestly crazy. But no problem since my awesome mom just brought us so, so, so many wonderful 6+ clothes!

Apparently Teddy is very strong for his age, which is fine with me although it does hurt when he kicks me in the gut while breastfeeding or when he bucks against me as hard as possible because he doesn't feel like going in his carrier. Speaking of which we recently purchased a Beco Butterfly and I love it! Theo is already way too big for the infant insert even though he isn't over the weight limit for it but it works fine without it and is safe either way.

He is awake and alert so often now and it is really fun to watch him finally start to "see" things. He also now has the dreaded cradle cap which actually doesn't bother me much especially in comparison to the baby acne which I was always very tempted to pick at and pop,although I didn't.

He still cries for a few hours everyday and isn't comforted by being held by mom or dad but I am hoping and thinking that he will be one of the babies whose colic ends at 3 months so we are already over the halfway point!

My mom is visiting and she loves her grandson SO much. He also loves her if his smiles are anything to go by. Her visiting also means that I have now spent an hour away from Teddy. It was strange and hard but I am very excited that DH and I can go on a date now!

Lets just hope I can manage to talk about something other then Theodor on our first date:)

Here are 2 pictures. One of Teddy right after a smile (those things are hard to get on camera!) and a picture of "the giant" in all his glory.


  1. Wow - 6 month clothes! He sounds like he's very healthy and strong. PLUS, he's just such a cutie.

  2. Yay for a date! Have FUN! Love the new pics of Teddy, he is such an adorable little guy :)

  3. So nice to hear an update! I can totally tell that he just smiled in that one pic. ;-)

  4. *Love* the pics and I'm glad you're enjoying your mum's visit! I still think Theo has an awful lot in common with Teddy - first the size, now also this drive to become independent :-) Teddy was an early mover so I wouldn't be surprised if Theo will be one too!
    Have fun on your date with Thomas!

  5. He is such a cutie! I love his sweet smile! Have fun on your date!

  6. 6 months clothing....he's going to be a very healthy boy!!! Go Theo!