Thursday, March 18, 2010

40 Weeks

I got a pregnancy massage yesterday and it helped so much with the pain and discomfort I am feeling! I have a lot of back pain which is partially due to carrying almost all of the 40 pounds I have gained right in my stomach. The massage really made me feel human again and it was great. I am still uncomfortable but I have another one booked for next Wednesday as it is so worth the money.

I feel completely at peace with hitting 40 weeks. Now that Teddy can't come early there isn't really anything for me to hope for LOL. So I am just going to enjoy these next few days or weeks until he comes. I am allowed to deliver at the birth center until 42 weeks= April 1st and I am sure he will play along and come before then so now it is just a trying to stay as comfortable as possible until the time comes game :D


  1. You def. are ALL BELLY!!
    Hope the little guy gets here soon, so we can see his cute face!

  2. You look great Ash and I love the dress! Can't wait to see pictures of your little boy!

  3. Ash, you look great. I am glad that the pregnancy massage helped your back pain.

  4. Yay for due dates! So glad you are able to wait for him to come naturally. I was induced two days after my due date and it ended in a c section :( Best of luck to you and my fingers are crossed that he comes soon!

  5. LOL admit it Ash - you're not really pregnant, you're just hiding a basket ball under your dress ;-)
    I'm beginning to wonder if you jinxed yourself by naming him Theodor - this Teddy was 1 week late (or 12 days late according to hospital due date).
    Have you got a birthing ball/yoga ball? I found sitting on that really helped me stay comfortable in the last weeks.

  6. An exercise ball is the only thing I sit on- unfortunately at this point I can't even find a comfortable position on that.

    My midwife promised that if I still feel really miserable that we can consider something like acupuncture next week.

  7. OMG Ash, you are so freaking cute, I can't even get over it! Theodor will be here SOON (I hope). Definitely try acupuncture, it worked for a friend of mine who was overdue.

    Can't wait to 'meet' this cutie!