Saturday, March 20, 2010

4 Things

So first off I feel incredibly blessed to be pregnant, to have made it this far, and to have a wonderful supportive husband and family. I am truly blessed and thankful.

However I am very pregnant and hormonal and there are a few things I would like to get off my chest. Please know that I am not referring to anyone reading my blog- so don't take any of these comments personally!

1. I know how I look. Honestly. Telling me you feel sorry for me, or that I look "HUGE" so it can't be long now, surprisingly does not make me feel better about myself. You know what does.. Saying I look great even if you can't do it with a straight face. The hubby can however which has given him points with me for life. Also I should add that I only dress up to take the weekly photos. I normally have a T-shirt of my hubby's on with PJ pants- and the chances that I have showered that day are only 50% so him saying I look great with a straight face is impressive:D

2. I'm going for a natural birth which means that I don't get to decide when the baby comes. Obviously if I could I would not still be waiting. So please don't ask me for my due date and then look at me in surprise that he isn't here yet- What do you want me to do? Pull him out with my bare hands?! Or better yet please don't email me or write me a message on Facebook asking if he is here. Honestly, I update Facebook regularly so you can bet that when he does come there will be at least a freaking update with his stats. And if you are family- we will call you! Seriously.

3. Please do not tell me that babies decide their birthdays. I am guilty of this and for that I am forever sorry to all the women I said this to. Honestly I GET IT. But you know what? I am averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a night- half of which are on the couch, I'm not able to partake in almost all activities which I enjoy or which could take my mind off things and I'm just going to come out and say that yes I would be happier at this point with this guy outside of me. I get it will be stressful, tiring, difficult- but this pregnancy is already all of those things with no freaking rewards. I'm not falling asleep with a little one curled up next to me, I'm falling asleep with 7 pillows situated all around my body to help relieve back and leg pain (little secret: doesn't work!).

4. Please let me remember these things when I am not pregnant. I have a feeling that like the morning sickness of the first trimester these feelings are quickly forgotten (although I still remember being truly miserable during the first trimester and am honestly not sure how I got through it) and I would hate to say or do any of these things to other pregnant women when the time comes.

I've been limiting my contact with people so that I don't bite their heads off, after reading this post I think it has been the right decision:)


  1. I'm very sorry girl, I have been insensitive and I apologize. I have no idea what it's like to be pregnant and I'm sorry if anything I said upset you.

    You do look beautiful girl, and I'm the baby will think so whenever he or she may get here. I hope you feel better girly!

  2. I didn't mean you!!!! I only meant people I know here in "real life" - sorry if it came off that way:) I was never offended by anything you wrote- you have been super sweet this whole pregnancy:)

  3. Ash this is a great post. I think most of the time (Me included) we forget what sounds insensitive to pregnant women...That being said I think your 40 week picture looks awesome!! and I LOVE that your hubby tells you that even in your comfy pants and t-shirt. My hubby has gotten used to me wearing my comfy pregnancy pants and tank tops around the house and tells me I look great and with a straight face. If I am home and not having to go out, I too only dress up for the pictures :)

  4. Ash, I totally feel where you are coming from. If one more person asks me how I am feeling or when the baby is going to come I am going to strangle them. Even DH doesn't understand where I am coming from because I am often short with people and he thinks that I am just doing it to be difficult.

    Today has been a rough day for me,and I am sure 95% of it is because of the pregnancy hormones and just wanting to feel normal again.

    Hopefully we will both have our baby boys in our arms very, very soon.

  5. (((HUGS!))) I really do think you look great, Ash!

    Thinking of you!!!

  6. Thanks Ella- seeing your super adorable pictures of Eliza reminds me why I am doing this :)

    Cheryl- I have a feeling your little one is coming soon!!! Probably sooner then Theo:)

    Thanks Jess:)

  7. I sooo remember feeling like this. And I totally understand everything you wrote. He will be here soon, I promise. (((hugs)))