Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We went away for a week and it was amazing. I know some women get nervous about flying or traveling long distances during pregnancy but if you have the possibility to get away and you are having a healthy pregnancy, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it. I felt so good! Relaxed and happy and pretty:) If we could go away every month up until the birth I totally would LOL. Here is a pic of me from the trip.

We have renovations going on in January and then I can finally start on the nursery. I am slowly amassing all the things I need, and am happy to say that I am almost done purchasing all the cloth diapers we will need for the first few months. I'm hoping to have everything purchased and ready by the second week of February. We'll see!


  1. You are so freakin cute with that little baby belly!

  2. You look so good!

    Will you be having a baby shower?

    What kind of cloth diapers did you go with?