Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stretch Marks

As you all know this is my first pregnancy. I have always been prepared to get stretch marks since my mom has them and they are hereditary, but I have to say that I totally wasn't ready to get some so early.

I have them ALL OVER. ALREADY. AT 27 STUPID WEEKS. The ones below my belly button are at least clearish but the ones above are dark red and look like bruises.

Honestly this is hard for me to deal with. Weight gain,pimples, etc are all no problem as I know they will go away with time but these are with me for life. I was hoping to just have them pop up in the last week or two so that I was quickly so engrossed with baby Theodor to care. But clearly nature had other plans.

Now I get to spend the next three months watching my stomach go from smooth and pretty to covered with scars. Yay!

I am guessing that after a few days I will be OK with how my stomach looks now and will have moved on but noticing them in the mirror today really hurt.

Thankfully I still feel pretty when my belly is covered- here is a picture for 27 weeks.The flash made my bra visible- but it wasn't in person:D


  1. I'm sorry. I am waiting for them to come any day now, although I am lathering up with belly butter and cocoa butter a few times a day. My mom does not have them on her stomach, but I already have them on my thighs/butt so I just expect I will get them on the belly too. There are already a few on my breasts, but they are very faint. Every time I think I see one pop up I gasp, it's unfortunate that they have to come :(

  2. Aw, sorry Ash!!! :( I know how you feel, I was kinda bummed to get them, too. And I got them right around the same time. Baby Theodore will make up for them, but for now I know how much it sucks to look in the mirror and see them. :(

  3. Oh hun! I completely understand your pain! I got them all over my hips, thighs and lower belly! I still have a hard time with them and Brynna is 2 months old! I think it will get easier with time, but they really do a number on your body image, don't they?

    Hang in there!! Everyone of them is worth it! As soon as you see Theodore, you'll forget about them (for a while) ;-)

  4. Thanks ladies! I am feeling a bit better about it and have decided to just not stare at my belly to closely in the mirror for the next few months. I will just focus on the fact that I am feeling great and that they will hopefully fade with time- or at least be less noticeable on a smaller stomach. :)

  5. Oh no, I feel your pain! I didn't get them until really late - 38 weeks or so - just when I thought I'd been spared. But then they appeared all over my belly, and huge ones too! I used Bio Oil which obviously didn't help tp prevent them, but it certainly eased the itchiness. I also continued using it after the birth and they did fade pretty quickly and now (quick look down at my still-saggy belly *gasp*) they are barely visible. So I can recommend that!

  6. aw, i'm sorry ash. i don't have any on my belly yet, but my butt, hips, and thighs (ESPECIALLY down the backs) look like a red and purple map of the amazon river basin with all the tributaries, and i have faint ones on my boobs too. :P and i'm what, 5 weeks behind you? lol. don't worry about it too much. they'll be angry and red now, but a year from now they'll fade and hardly be noticeable at all. at least, that's what happened with the ones i got in puberty, lol.