Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 5

Baby is probably about 5 weeks now. We will know for sure after our first U/S. I spend most of my time researching about babies and pregnancy, looking at baby products, and being terrified that something will go wrong.

Unfortunately the worries that come with the first trimester kick in pretty much immediately after getting a BFP. It is hard because internet forums bring me a feeling of connection and home here in Germany but they also make me very aware of just how many ways this can still go wrong. Thankfully, feelings of joy normally manage to overtake the worries as sometimes you just have to hope that everything will work out OK.

We were at my mom's house when we took the test so she knows. Besides her we have only told two friends, both of whom are sworn to secrecy.

We are planning on telling his parents tomorrow at breakfast. We wanted to wait until after our first appointment on Thursday but his parents will be traveling for the next few weeks so we decided to go for it now. I am very excited and hope that their response is a good one.

So far symptoms for me have mainly been peeing constantly, and having to eat a bit more often then usual.No real fatigue but I take naps when I am tired which probably makes a big difference.

I also ordered my first baby product. I will be making this counted cross stitch kit for the nursery:)


  1. Aww, how cute! :)
    Have fun telling his folks!

  2. Wow girl, youre going to cross stitch? What patience!!

    Goodluck & congrats again on getting to share the news :D

  3. SO CUTE!

    Congrats again, I'm so excited that we are only about 2 weeks apart!! :o)

  4. I'm just sooooo excited for you sweetie!!!! I did cross stitch too he he and knitted,.... never knitted since though LOL. xxx