Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning Sickness Remedies

Since I was complaining in my last post about my awful morning sickness I thought it might be nice if I posted what I tried and if it worked for me or not.

Thankfully I am feeling a whole lot better, which is of course worrisome,but since I still feel a bit sick to my stomach I am just trying to take it that something is working.

So here is what I tried and what I thought of it,

Eating small meals all the time: Did not work for me. My nausea was made much worse by having food in my stomach. I think I also have some heartburn so that might have played a role as well. Basically anytime I ate more then a few nuts or pieces of popcorn I started to feel much worse. Although eating a lot also made me feel sick. For me I just had to eat very very little and very bland things to feel better. Many times I couldn't get through an apple before wanting to gag, so I didn't.

Ginger: Did not work for me. I tried ginger tea, ginger root, and ginger candies- the candies were gross (ginger is spicy), the tea tasted nice but didn't make me feel better,and the root was too spicy. Basically I felt exactly the same after taking these things.

Taking the prenatal at night
Not sure. I started taking it at night, and then switched to a Flinstones vitamin, and yesterday actually forgot it for the first time, and today I feel the best I have felt in over a week. Although I am not sure if they are related. I took a Flinstones this morning to make up for forgetting last night and so far only have very mild nausea.

Drinking lots of water:
I don't know that this does anything for nausea but since I haven't had to throw up I have been doing this without problem.

Eating something first thing in the morning: I often wake a few times in the morning and while I at first got up and ate a banana or some yogurt, now I have just been sucking on one saltine and then trying to fall back asleep. I think it is working.I have a feeling that there is just a lot of acid in my stomach right now and that the saltine and some water calms it down.

Tums: helped. Once again I think this is due to an acidity problem.

The anti-nausea wristbands:Didn't help. I just found them painful after having them on for the whole day. I don't think they did anything besides also making my wrists hurt.

B6: I think this might be the biggest helper. I went to the pharmacy and she gave me B6. I take it three times a day. I started taking it yesterday and today I feel a HUGE change so I think it must be what is working. It is water soluble so also perfectly safe for baby and me.

The crazy thing is already after just a few hours of feeling better being in a great mood and not even really remembering how awful I felt just hours ago. I just so want everything to be OK with baby. Not being sick means more brainpower goes to worrying. Hopefully next Wednesday I see a strong heartbeat that can ease my fear for a few weeks!


  1. It is so hard to figure out what works, and then what you feel like eating today, you don't feel like eating tomorrow :)

    For me, I think dairy, crackers with peanut butter, and Tums are working the best.

    Are you getting up to go to the bathroom all night? Some nights it's only once, and some 4 times!

  2. I haven't been drinking too much right before bed and so I haven't had to get up as much during the night anymore. Normally I go -right-before I fall asleep and then again at 4 or 5 in the morning and then again when I wake up for good at 8.

    It is so funny how our bodies change so much so quickly!