Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Surprises as a new mom to 2

Top Ten Tuesday: My top ten surprises as a new mom to two

10: Babies or at least my new one, go to the bathroom all the time! I do not know how I forgot about changing diapers a zillion times a day but it was definitely a surprise to me. My favorite is changing his diaper just to have him go again 30 seconds later.

9: Baby screams are so loud- but surprisingly easy to ignore the second time around. I remember with Teddy that the second he made a sound the hubby and I were at a mad dash to try and help him out. This time around it is like- dude I know you are a teensy bit unhappy right at this moment but you your big brother is brushing teeth so you are going to have to wait a minute.

8. The weight hasn't melted off. I wasn't expecting to have lost all of it by now... oh wait yes I was! I think it is taking longer because this time around I am making sure to make time to eat. I won't start hitting the gym again until 4 months, so I better get used to wearing the pregnancy pants for awhile longer.

7. My children hate the co-sleeper. What is up with this? At least this one will sleep in his bassinet during the day but at night the co-sleeper is a no-go, thankfully there is room in bed for all of us and I have never had a problem with co-sleeping.

6. Getting two kids under 3 out the door quickly is hard. I know every mom told me this before so it shouldn't be a surprise, but it is.

5. This is a lot more fun the second time around. I am so much less stressed and less worried and am able to just enjoy this time much more then with Teddy- although Ferdi not having colic helps a LOT too.

4. Babies without colic rock! Seriously life is so much more pleasant with a baby who does not cry all the time, and those silly 5 S's which never worked with Teddy actually work with this one. Crazy!

3. Going without a 5+ hour chunk of sleep still totally drives me crazy. Was hoping that I was now such a zen mom that this wouldn't bother me, nope it still does.

2. Babies have so much stuff. I had completely forgotten how much "gear" babies have. Or at least how much stuff I bought for Teddy and now have brought up from the basement. Way too much, and I don't even have the toys for older babies like activity blanket or playpen up yet.

1. Giving Teddy a brother was awesome not just for us but for him- he absolutely loves his little brother and so far there has been no jealousy, which has been the best surprise of all.


  1. i have a 2 year old and am pregnant with #2, so your post made me happy to read. glad it's going well!

  2. Love this post! Thank you for #5, and I'm so glad it's true... :) Love the photo of the boys. Adorable.