Thursday, August 9, 2012

37 weeks + a few days

And I am so over this. I no longer look human- I look freakish. I feel how I look, but overall have nothing to complain about. Baby still moves often, my BP is great, I'm uncomfortable (obviously) but no real extreme pains, and I am still able to halfway keep up with Teddy. We have a lot going on in the next 2 weeks that I want to be present for so while I don't really want the baby to come yet I also can't imagine being pregnant for a few more weeks. Although the thought of bringing a baby home also gives me the shudders so maybe massively pregnant is just the right place for me right now. :D


  1. Won't be long now! My little guy is 3 weeks old today and I'm just now emerging out of our little bubble. Good luck these next few weeks!

  2. I'm right there with you! (only a week behind) I feel huge, I look huge, and I'm ready for baby to come out... although not really LOL

    Here's to both of us making it another couple (few) weeks without losing our sanity ;-) Hang in there!!