Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am one of those moms who loves baby classes. I often find myself at a loss for ideas after an hour alone with Teddy and the classes give me great ideas and a good reason to leave the house.

We do,
Baby massage- Teddy thinks it is boring, as admittedly do I- although I am pleased he doesn't cry the whole time like some of the babies.

(prager eltern kind program) A parent and baby class where the babies are naked! It follows the baby through their first year and is really wonderful. We both love it.
er and baby fitness for after birth- This is helping me get back in shape after the baby, but it focuses on exercises to help the pelvic floor, not my saggy stomach. Teddy likes being with the other babies, and it is fun to watch them become more and more aware of each other. I like spending time with other moms and slowly getting back into shape.

Baby Swim- This starts in August and since Theo seems to love water I think he will really like it.
We also will be doing some music and movement classes in the fall as well.

One of my favorite parts of the classes is getting to spend time with so many other babies as well. They are all so unique and it is fun to compare (in a nice good way!), commiserate, and see what I have to look forward to. Also fun to find out that Teddy is very vocal for his age. He coos and makes lots and lots of adorable little noises like he is talking with us. None of the other babies at my classes are that vocal yet which just shows me that I have the most special unique snowflake of all. LOL :D :D


  1. Fun! We are trying our best to attend a small group of moms at a mall to walk once a week (too hot outside in this Florida heat!) We walk 3 miles in 2 hours! The other thing we do is a baby brunch on Fridays, the babies lie on mats while moms listen to a guest speaker, then we eat, then chat! It's just been tough getting to these lately (and I desperately need them!) because Meredith is taking her morning nap during the times and I just hate to wake her! She doesn't nap in her car seat/stroller much...

  2. It has been in the nineties here lately and I hate it! It is so hard to do anything with a baby in that weather. I think your mall walking and brunch sounds like a lot of fun:) Is there anyway you could put Meredith down earlier on those days? I have the same problem with Theo he sleeps from 8 or 9 to 11 most days and I refuse to wake him. Just isn't worth it most of the time as he is then an absolute grump. I still love the name Meredith btw:)